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replaced sidemarker light with philips t10 led

replaced sidemarker light with philips t10 led

philips t10 led 6000k led light replaced the amber sidemarker light. it is a pain to install as the hole is just too small. have lots of patience.

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Take one of your less used forks in your kitchen, assuming most forks have 4 tips. Use pliers and sculp a u-shape (as if you were to curl your fingers forward) with the 1st and 3rd tips, and bend the 2nd and 4th tips all the way backwards so that it's out of the way. Finally straighten out the length of the fork as straight as you can and voila. You now have a customized tool that looks like a mini knuckle and do some minor adjustments and you can make it fit snugly right into that fixture. Trust me, this is the only way if you don't want to waste over an hour trying to get one tiny light bulb out with cuts and sore fingers.

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