Buy - Sell - Trade Rules

When using the Buy - Sell - Trade forum, please limit your post to one per item or items you are selling. We strongly discourage members from excessive thread bumping and using multiple posts or cross linking from other forums to increase their visibility and will delete the post accordingly. All threads are automatically archived after 90 Days.

Starting on May 1, 2010 we're imposing a 15 thread per month limit. This means that if your posts in the B-S-T exceeds 15 threads, you will be asked to either combine the listings into a single thread or they will be automatically removed. Repeated offenders will have their B-S-T privileges revoked.

There is a 25 Post count & 30-Day membership minimum before members are allowed to make classified posts and access to certain features on their account.

Once this is reached, it can sometimes take up to 24 hours to go through the system before a member will be allowed access to the Buy/Sell/Trade area.

Members who purposely make meaningless posts to reach the 25 post count limit may have those posts deleted without further notice.

1) No eBay or External Links:
Due to the high level of fraud on eBay, we are no longer allowing posts with links to any third party sites. Members who violate this policy will have their posting privileges revoked from the Buy-Sell-Trade forum.

Try to stick to car related items. When selling, you must be as descriptive as possible. We want all buyers to be fully informed of what they are buying.

All For Sale posts will be automatically archived after 90 days.

2) Required Information:

  • a. Your Item Description
  • b. Your Location
  • c. Your Asking Price
  • d. Any Related Photos (Optional)
  • e. Person placing ad
  • f. Contact Information

3) No Bidding, Feelers, or Silent Auctions:
As stated in Rule #2, all pricing information must be clearly written within the description. As such, we do not allow silent biddings, feelers, and/or auctions. All violating posts with be deleted without warning. Failure to adhere to the rules will forfeit your posting privileges inside the Buy-Sell-Trade forum.

4) Preferred Titles:
Want To Buy *Note: Please use the Want To Buy forum.
  • Want To Buy:
  • For Sale:
  • For Trade:
  • Part Out:

Example: For Sale: Used Cold Air Intake

5) Sold Items
When the item is sold, please edit your ORIGINAL post as *SOLD*.

6) No Buyer or Seller Harassments:
If you do not agree with a seller's asking price then do not buy from them. We welcome fair offers but will not tolerate any comments that is considered harassment in nature. We also ask that you refrain from making any off-topic comments that are of no relation to the transaction. Members who violate this policy will have their access to the Buy-Sell-Trade forum revoked.

7) Fraudulent or SPAMming Posts:
If you notice a post that is considered to be misleading, fraudulent, or commercialized(SPAM), please report this post to our staff and we will deal with this situation promptly. You may also use the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of each thread. We DO NOT encourage members to take matters in their own hands by harassing other members.

8) Buy / Sell / Trade Ratings:
Before completing your transaction, we recommend that you review the member's rating prior to making your final decision. You can review their rating or add your own by clicking on the member's profile.

9) Third Party Selling:
Members are not allowed to sell third party products or merchandise in the forums without prior consent from the Administrative Team. This includes selling parts or gauging interests for Manufacturers, Dealers, Retailers, and/or Friends.

10) Selling Multiple Items or Services (Business or Idividuals):
Members who sell multiple used (i.e. used parts business) or new items and/or services are not permitted to use the forum. No prices or promotions are to be discussed.

11) Using Escrow Services:
For high value transactions we suggest using third party companies like to act as a mediator between the two parties. reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds according to Buyer and Seller instructions.

12) Tuning Devices / ECU Flash Device:
As of June 1, 2008, Tuning and/or Flash Devices are no longer allowed to be sold in our Buy / Sell / Trade forums.

What is a locked Flash Device?
Flash devices are used to upload custom tunes to your vehicle's ECU for increase performance. In order to work, these devices require an ECU code the is unique to your vehicle. Once the ECU code has been programmed these devices are now locked and can only work on your vehicle. Reselling a locked Flash device renders it useless for other vehicles.

Important Note:
No vendor or group buy postings allowed unless you have permission from an Admin. With this permission, vendors will have a "FF Affiliate" tag beneath their name. Additionally, any selling of weapons (paintball excluded), alcohol, pornography and tobacco products are also prohibited.

Focus Fanatics recommends for your protection as a buyer we encourage you to never send money as a gift. This will absolve the seller of any liabilities should they decide not to send the products.

Focus Fanatics is not liable for buyer-seller transactions. Focus Fanatics team will delete to their discretion if these rules are not followed.