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2/24/2014 12:32:23 PM
How-To : Fender Bulb Replacement by sydneyzetec
Warning: Neither Focus Fanatics nor its Members may be held responsible for the outcome of performing such a modification to ones car(Ford Focus). Such acts are performed at ones own risk, and sole responsibility must be assumed. This may include, but not limited to, the voiding of Ford vehicles factory warranty.

Always put safety first; using jackstands, eye protection, and all other required safety measures. It is also recommended to have supervision whenever possible.

Items Needed:
1. 2 x 12V 5W5 Indicator Clear Bulbs for regular Focus (Orange glass bulb for ST170 lenses)
2. 2 x Ford Focus side indicator lenses (Orange for regular or clear for ST170 / RS Turbo)
3. 2 Credit card sized plastic cards (WARNING: NOT actual credit cards which will snap)
Install Time: Difficulty Level:
10-15 minutes 3
This guide may be used to simply change you bulb if broken, or to replace the clear bulb/orange lense with the ST170's orange bulb/clear lense for a more stylish look. You may have found this/find this easy, but for my car and many others it may equally be much harder than the owner's manual suggests "push down and pull"...
Items Needed
Close-up image of the items required.
Step 1
Take both ends of the indicator in your fingers and shake a little to loosen any dirt build-up or road grime, although this may not move much. Slide one card behind the upper edge of the indicator, left or right until it pokes into the gap between bodywork and plastic. Do the same with the other side at the top. If there are no gaps, continue jiggling each side of the indicator until it begines to move. Make sure you use plastics cards that will not scratch the paintwork as easily as metal and make sure you don't use your credit card as it will snap, being thinner and less flexible.
Step 2
When you have both cards wedged in between the indicator and the car comes the hard part. It may pop out suddenly or equally require a lot of hard work. Press down on the indicator which has two little plastic tabs holding it inside the bodywork. You need to make these pop out (they are only about 1-2mm higher then the leading edge of the hole) of the hole in the car. The easiest method is to leave one plastic card on one side, while with the other you ease one side out first, followed by the other side with the remaining card. You will find the edge of the plastic tabs actually wears down a little, they are not made to be changed too many times it seems.
Step 3
When you have both tabs out or nearly out, gently pull the cards toward you to pull the top of the indicator clear of the hole. The bottom should follow quickly so don't put too much pressure or you may end up punching yourself or even damaging the cables connected to the harness. Pull until the bulb base is exposed. The hole is slightly smaller than the base, so you will probably not have much luck trying to get it all the way out which doesn't matter.
Step 4
counter-clockwise (or anti-clockwise if you're not in the US!!) and simply slide the indicator lense off leaving the bulb exposed. An easier way to achieve this is to squeeze the bulb base part the way through the hole to help secure it.

Step 5
Simply pull out the bulb, replace with the new one (or orange one for the ST170 conversion) and then making sure you don't let the bulb base fall back inside the guard, slide the new lense back on the way it came off (at the 90 degree angle) then twist back in a clockwise direction like before.
Step 6
Sliding the base in first, push the whole indicator back into the hole and make sure both of the top tabs are in and the indicator is flush.
  Step 7
Check they both work to save you the hassle of having to try again another day!!!! They should sit as firmly as the originals inside the slight recess.
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