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2/24/2014 12:32:23 PM
How-To : AEM Short Ram System by EuroZX3
Warning: Neither Focus Fanatics nor its Members may be held responsible for the outcome of performing such a modification to ones car(Ford Focus). Such acts are performed at ones own risk, and sole responsibility must be assumed. This may include, but not limited to, the voiding of Ford vehicles factory warranty.

Always put safety first; using jackstands, eye protection, and all other required safety measures. It is also recommended to have supervision whenever possible.

Items Needed:
1. 8mm Socket
2. 10mm Socket
3. #25 Torx Bit
4. Flathead Screwdriver
Install Time: Difficulty Level:
20 Minutes 2

First things first, I would like to thank the staff team over at AEM for allowing us at to review one of their products. Thanks guys!
Our First Impression
That being said, let's get down to business. First, two things you need are an AEM Short Ram System and a rug that says "RUG" on it, just kidding.

The first impression of this product is a good one. The Short Ram System looks like a great build quality with a very attractive appearance, nice and shiny. The quality cone filter that is anything but undersized. It comes with a great instruction booklet. The kit includes the torx tool for pulling the MAF which is an uncommon item in most garages. And last but not least, a couple of cool decals and a license plate frame help accessorize your newly modified Focus Ford.

Now for the fun part, installation! We took pictures of each step of the installation process to help prove to everyone how incredibly easy this was. On a scale of one to ten, one being filling up your washer fluid, and ten being replacing a transmission, I give this installation a two. The installation is very straight forward and easy to install. The only tools required are an 8mm and 10mm socket, a flathead screwdriver, and the provided #25 torx bit.

We won't get into too many details about the step by step process because of how precise the provided directions are, but we will give you a quick run through with pictures for you.

Step 1
The first thing you must do is remove the battery and your stock air system. Disconnecting the battery for about 20 minutes will reset your ECU. This allows your car's computer to adjust for the extra air coming into your engine. It also makes it easier to remove the stock intake system. Here are before and after pictures of the removal.

Step 2
After you remove the MAF and unplug it, install it into the AEM tube.
Step 3
Then install the elbow onto the throttle body and tighten it down with the larger of the hose clamps provided.
Step 4
Now install the rubber stopper onto the bolt circled in the picture below, this is where the mounting arm for the intake tube will bolt on to. Use a 10mm socket on the stock bolt/nut.
Stopper installed
Step 5
Now go ahead and slide the tube into the elbow, use the other hose clamp to tighten it down. Then mount the arm onto the stopper that you've just installed. At this time, don't forget to plug your MAF back in.

Step 6
Now this part may have been the biggest pain for us. The breather hose! It was about 20 degrees in my garage so shall we say the rubber wasn't too generous. It took some muscle to work the hose over the inlet of the tube and the outlet of the valve cover, it was also difficult to route the hose so that it wouldn't kink. To solve this, we just wrapped it around the back of the tube. The hose clamps provided were a bit small, we suggest getting a couple hose clamps maybe bigger for this; it's not necessary but will make things a little easier. Here is a picture of what the hose looks like installed. Note the way we routed the hose around the back of the tube.
Step 7
Pat yourself on the back because you are two steps away from being done. Just install the filter and tighten it down with the hose clamp that's located at the end of the filter. Reconnect the battery, turn her over, and rev it. Now listen to your new throaty 2.0L Zetec roar!
Step 8 (Optional)
Don't forget to put on your cool AEM window decal to complete the look!
  Our Final Impression
We took it for a spin and our performance impression is good. Definitely a noticeable power boost in the top end. The car pulls better in the higher gears and sounded great under wide open throttle. All in all this is a good modification for your Focus. It was a very quick and easy install lasting no more than 30 minutes. It definitely wakes up your engine and adds a throatier tone. Good job to everyone at the AEM engineering department for this superb product!
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