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msperber 12-19-2016 10:40 PM

Stl focus racecar
Ok so I thought i would start a thread on this new project. After much discussion and following an amazing thread on my friends build, tb1999 I was lucky enough to purchase this car. All the knowledge and effort in this car wasn't close to being shown in his build. So it's my goal to go the majors route in SCCA in STL. This is super touring light, or limited. Max displacement is 2.0. So multiple options, rules say any motor by the parent company. 2 liter zetec, Duratec, or Svt. No turbo or superchargers. My thought is Duratec as my ITA runs the 2.3. We have success with that and some problems but that happens. Tom is completing a 2.3 for the ITA car and then we move to a 2.0 motor build.
Why STL, because it allows a chance to go to the runoffs. For amateur racing in Scca the runoffs are the Super Bowl of racing. What's the goal, well 2017 is Indy, not a chance as time and work prevents it. 2018 is the west coast and that's to far, but 2019 it's east coast and three of my favorite tracks are front runners and that's the goal. Glass can be swapped, brakes are open if you can fit them in a 15" wheel, transmissions are open in regards to gears and final drives. Battery relocation allowed, aero as in wings and splitters allowed, light weight body panels allowed.

So I need help, in mounting a wing on a zx3 body on the roof or near it with support as the current setup is to far off the body within the rules set. 2.0 Duratec assistance, Tom is going to be the man in charge here, but I like to assist, so if you have parts needing a new home let me know, body panels let me know. Suspension ideas and parts let me know. Pics of cars with wings would be great. So this cars life continues and will continue here.

felixthecat 12-19-2016 11:06 PM

Great to see you take over where Tom left off......

sailor 12-19-2016 11:14 PM

I remember when he got serious and started relocating front suspension pickup points - long time ago now.

slow_solo_focus 12-20-2016 01:51 AM

Saw STL and thought autocross, nope agree reading a bit this should be fun to watch. Anyone got a link for the old thread?

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1turbofocus 01-19-2017 09:46 AM

You could do this wing LOL
TMZ Fit Scion&Smart&Subaru Rear Batman Style Carbon Fiber 55" Spoiler Wing #X323 | eBay


msperber 01-19-2017 10:13 AM

So glad your my friend lol, your name is going to be on this car, you want it:)

msperber 01-29-2017 10:24 PM

Well lots of going thru boxes and boxes of stuff, the ordering begins so we can be on track for testing and general knowledge of what we got. First belts, seat as my butt isn't going to fit in the current one. Off came the steering wheel to fiqure out what style quick release we are going to use. The new fire surpression system has been certified and reinstalled. The big project was also started, the trans. Ok, so we have a mtx75 with a 4:06 and a quaife. With an available spare unit and a 4:25, we know that's to much gear with the tire profile we are planning on. The current package with the 4:06 and overdrive 5th while good, leaves some rpm on the table. So after much cross reference and home work. The .77 was good but the .85 will be better. My math says the 5th gear and the 4:06 gives a final of 3:01 and the .85 gives a 3:31. Doesn't sound like much but in 5th it prevents the motor from falling down as much where with the 4:25 it was just to much with the 15" tire package. So the trans was opened up and we pulled it apart. While in there we also did the shift tower pin to prevent the dreaded pin failure. So on goes the new fifth and I realize I only got the driven gear not the matching input shaft unit. Oh it matches up but it's actually 4 mm wider, preventing the two gear sets from being reinstalled. That's called being a dope. Part is nla but I have line on two at a dealer that specializes in this stuff. So trans sits apart until I get the needed gear. Duh yep I am a dope but soon this box will be ready to go in. First project almost done, maybe��

sailor 01-29-2017 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by slow_solo_focus (Post 10364441)
Saw STL and thought autocross, nope agree reading a bit this should be fun to watch. Anyone got a link for the old thread?

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Here's a picture thread, many others are around for build details:

And another on front suspension mods:

And one for a Mazda Caliper Mod - big brake setup:

msperber 01-30-2017 05:50 AM

Thanks as that makes my reference for parts and history so much quicker. Amazing stuff the more u look and more I find.

msperber 02-15-2017 09:34 PM

Ok so the USA supply of mtx 75 specific parts is left to the easy stuff. The .85 gear isn't here in the dealer network. But it's installed in the manual transmission installed in the cougar. So I find a low miles cougar trans, not easy and we tear it down, yep the 4:06 final like we knew it should have and no .85. It had the same .77 so I am stuck with a parts core from a cougar. So what to do. Ford of Europe. On line everything is possible, so I send a parts request to see if the part number is available. One day later a great email, part available, here is the part illustration and the U.K. Number. They have 10 in stock, multiple unit order gets a discount. Credit card in hand, please ship 2. That was 10 days after I started the search, they arrived today. This weekend the box gets put back together, the shifter tower repair done and now the 5th gear. The new seat arrived today and the car just came back from the paint shop. Was going to wrap it but that's not cheap, then I thought I would wrap it myself, but with materials and time which I have none that became a big no, especially after I saw how terrible I did with just the few pieces I did on the trailer. So I cut a deal with the local shop, all the removable items including the bumper off, I prepped the body and gave them car. Done, just got it back. Pics to follow but I love it. Same colors as my first car so we have a team theme and the pattern I copied cause I thought it looked outstanding.

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