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besfocusowner 08-24-2016 07:21 AM

14M01 - now with new clutches avail..

Originally Posted by rebelx (Post 10077513)
I was at my dealership today and they confirmed the shudder issue.

Late last year, I had my clutches replaced with the F revision version.

Today, after about 8-9 months, and about 16k miles, we confirmed that the issues returned and with a vengeance.

Apparently, they run a test to determine whether clutches need replacing. If the number shows greater than 250, then Ford will replace the clutches. I had about 260 last time. THIS time, in today's testing, I was around 1100. My service adviser was a bit perplexed, especially because shifting this time around is not as bad (yet) as the first time.

Of note, he said there's yet another revision (I guess G?) that's more heavy duty and unlike the prior versions.

He said it's about a month old, so I suppose fortuitous timing on my part.

Appointment is in the next couple weeks as they're squeezing me in early. I have to get my own rental for two days, though.

I'm looking forward to the G revision. Service adviser said that it looks significantly better.

But then again, we also said that the F revision fixed all the problems, so who knows how G will do.

I will report back in a couple weeks once I have the G revision installed.

Rumor has it that there is a new TSB out that includes the new part numbers for the replacement clutch assembly for use on Focus and Fiesta vehicles. The TSB number is 16-0109.

The new clutch designs are evidently a different design as their part numbers are different from the prior series (BV6Z-7B546-F).

New Focus part number: F1FZ-7B546-B
New Fiesta part number: FA6Z-7B546-A

My hypothesis is that these are the clutches installed on the 2016 model year vehicles as Ford's internal sales literature for the Powershift transmission claims that, "Changes to the clutch material for better performance across temperature ranges (new for 2016)."

They also appear to be more expensive than the prior replacement clutch as the list price is about $65 more than the BV6Z-7B546-F part number that has been the standard replacement since 2014Q3 or so. Wonder why it took so long to get the new parts released to the owners of the prior model years since the 2016's have been around for a year? [?|]

VisionPilot 08-24-2016 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by saireah (Post 10076969)
Almost 3 years to the day that I purchased my Focus, tonight is my last night with it. The next step was for Ford to replace my entire transmission, since the third clutch replacement in June didn't fix my problems. Just rolled over to 24,000 miles.

Hopping into a 2016 2.0L AWD Escape SE, certified pre-owned with a warranty on it for 3 more years. A huge thank you to my dealer for stepping up to the plate and offering me an above-and-beyond, non-profitable deal for my Focus to keep me as as their customer. A gigantic angry/sad face to Ford for refusing to help me at all -- even after my dealer spoke on my behalf at their Dealer Council meeting. They clearly do not care about the transmission issues and just want to fix it forever until it's out of warranty, when they can't be responsible for their abomination any longer. Looking forward to their caring when they have to write me a check when a class-action lawsuit passes in a few years. :) :) :)

Thanks to everyone's support who recognizes my name over the past three years. I appreciate it so much.

Wow, your dealer put in three replacement clutches? Mine (Olathe Ford) refused to do it even once, telling me that the clutch hop was "normal". Wished I had your dealer!

saireah 08-24-2016 09:05 AM

Thanks so much! <3

Yes, my dealer put in replacement clutches, reset the TCM once, and replaced the TCM once. At that point, I contacted my salesperson and asked how to open a case with Ford. They got the GM of the dealership involved. Then, after I had no luck getting Ford to budge on my own, the GM reached out to Ford for a resolution and also couldn't get them to contribute anything either. So, they went to their Dealer Council (took two months) and asked in front of them... and received a $1,000 rebate if I bought new (which is what anyone else could get at the time). So, absolutely nothing that told me that "hey, we absolutely care that you've had this much trouble in 24,000 miles." I found it really disheartening that they just wanted to continue to throw clutches in it. No big deal. I'd understand if I had 70,000 miles on my car, but I didn't. Now, I should mention that I came from a Versa that went through the lemon law process step-by-step with Nissan and was bought back -- the Focus was supposed to be my redemption to a really bad experience. I don't know if that got movement from my dealer or if they'd do this for just anyone.

The only reason I am buying a Ford again is because of my dealer. The one and only reason. I hope Ford values my dealer, because they're really lucky to have them in their corner.

BmXStuD 08-25-2016 01:10 PM

My 500mile "F" clutches feel amazing. Hopefully the "G's" are a final fix to the wear issue were having.

max8176 08-25-2016 03:02 PM

I first posted here early this year when my car first experienced the clutch problems.

(First time in dealership) The first repair associated with the transmission happened on January 25, 2016. I was experiencing shuttering and a loss of power when the car is in low gear between 1-2k rpm and traveling uphill. I took my car into the dealership (Serremonte Ford) where I purchased the car. They claimed there is a recall on the TCM module and the problems will be resolved once they perform the recall service. My car was at the dealership for 3-4 days before picking it up.

(Second time in dealership) Upon 5 minutes leaving the dealership and on the freeway on my way home. The check engine light came back on again and it exhibited shaking and a loss of power. I felt totally unsafe so I returned to the dealership immediately. I left the car there for them to run their diagnostics. Then I was informed the clutch would need to be replaced <first time clutch being replaced>. However, due to the fact this is a known problem with many Focuses out there, there is a back order for the part and it might take up to six months for the parts to arrive at the dealership. This is totally unacceptable to me so I was looking at different options. I joined and researched throughout this forum and I was able to contact a customer service rep for my region here. She told me she would do her best to expedite the part process for my case. I ended up waiting for close to three months before my car was fixed. During this time, I was without my car while still making payments on it. This created a real inconvenience for me as I depend on my vehicle to and from work. My type of work also requires me to have dependable transportation between office and job sites.

On the side note, few weeks after I got my car back, my battery went out with bad corrosion. I think no one bother to disconnect the battery while my car was sitting at the dealership for the two months wait on the parts.

(Third time in dealership) This is non-transmission related but I had to take the car back to the dealership because of an emission problem. It turned out there is a problem with the fuel door system of the car. This was fully covered under the emission warranty.

(Fourth time in dealership) End of June, my car experienced yet another transmission related issue during one of my ride home from work. The transmission was having difficulty shifting out of gears as well as the symptoms I had experienced in my previous transmission/ clutch issue. At one point the car actually stalled at the intersection and I had to restart the car to get it moving. It took them 4-5 days to diagnose the problem. Eventually they had to replaced the clutch "again". Altogether I was without my car for close to another two weeks. Fortunately, the customer service rep was able to provide me a loaner this time but it still create inconvenience for me. I was just glad to get back my car but I should have known it won't last long.

(Fifth time in dealership) I was driving home after picking my car up from the dealership. About 3-4 blocks away from my home, my car was having transmission problem again. Same problems like before, shuttering, jerking, loss of power in low gears and uphill, and stalling because gears won't shifted. I was stuck at middle of the street and couple of intersections and had to frantically get my car moving while people were honking at me. I took my car back to the dealership the next day. They promised they will look into it right away. This time, they claimed they have to replaced the TCM module that control the shifting of the transmission. So I am few days without my car or any transportation because I already returned the rental.

Then, yesterday driving home from work, my car is experiencing latest issues with the transmission/ clutch. The car is jerking with a loss of power during low gears and going uphill. My family has owned many Ford products previously and have been satisfied. But my experience and drama with my Ford Focus is really disappointing. I tried to contact the same Service Rep that has helped me previously she sounds like she is not too eager to help me this time.

slabs 08-27-2016 01:32 PM

That's good news, we hope. thanks for the update and look forward to your post. I actually like these transmissions and cars enough that I have two 2014 focus titanium's. One for my wife and one as my commute car, luckily I don't drive in much traffic, I can see how these trannys could use a quick tutorial from the dealer! such as don't crawl in traffic if you want to save your clutches! I do have issues at times with lack of power in 2nd gear, no worries. these transmissions are warrantied for 100k and I'm sure more updates in firmware to come. both of my vehicles have had the clutches replace and my wife's seems ok, mine acts up occasionally, I will wait until it gets worst so fails shudder test to get the new clutches.

Exalky 08-27-2016 02:54 PM

Just wanted to post an update since I know many of us are tracking these sorts of things for each other. It's been nearly 3.5 months since the dealer replaced my clutch pack and the car is still running great at this point. Based on what I've read, I'm only cautiously optimistic and still "waiting for the other shoe to drop"...LOL. However, so far it's a completely different car (and I mean that in a GOOD way).

FYI, here's my timeline:
* July, 2014: Purchased new 2014 Focus Titanium

* Within less than three months, shudder started. I tried for a long time to "work around it" and do all the other tricks I've found the Internet to deal with it. Over time, it only got worse.

* February, 2016: Took it to dealership. They flashed the chip and said everything "was better". They were wrong.

* February, 2016: Took car back to dealership. This time they ordered new clutch pack that was on 10-week backorder.

* May, 2016. Clutch pack finally arrives. They install it. So far, so good.

FWIW, I'm really happy with the service department at my dealership. They honestly do seem to care about making things right. My only concern is that my warranty only has less than 8,000 miles on it. I've avoided getting the extended so far, but....

Quint4165 08-29-2016 06:12 AM

I feel your pain

Originally Posted by k8macq (Post 10045969)
Yes! I had a 2007 Focus that I loved so hard. I gave it to my stepdaughter in February, with 165,000 miles on it and, other than the motor mount design flaw, never had a single problem that wasn't normal wear (tone rings and spindle nuts and such). I loved that car so much, it was so reliable, that I walked into the dealer and said "Show me a 16 focus, no sport package, go." The two things I didn't like about my old Focus were the complete uselessness of the cup holders (fixed) and the fact that the sun visors wouldn't stay where you put them (fixed). I didn't even look at a different car, because I loved my Focus, and how much could it change, right? Argh.

I had a 2004 sedan (used) that I loved, but I wanted a hatch, so I bought a 2007 hatch (used) that I also loved-loved-loved! By 2012, I had finally reached a point in my life where I could afford my first ever new car, and I loved the new body design of the Focus Hatch, so I went to my dealer and said the same thing ... I love my Focus!! Show me one with a sunroof (never had one before) and heated mirrors! What an ass I was ... I remember driving with the salesman in the car and he said, "That little bit of hesitation you feel from time to time is normal, it's the new fuel-efficient transmission." (I'm paraphrasing, of course.) I should have stopped right then and there and run to the Toyota or Honda dealer. [mecry]

Quint4165 08-29-2016 06:27 AM


Originally Posted by 1turbofocus (Post 9898161)
Detected by Ford dealerships , No , I would take the tune out before going to the dealer tho , If they update either the ECM or the TCM it would lock your xcal and you would have to send it back to SCT but its a free unlock if you have the dealership paperwork

Passes smog in all 50 states , what I do doesnt make it a hot rod just makes it drive better and do what it should be doing from Ford


I have read your posts for a while now. I have no idea what you are talking about in regard to the install (flasher, base tune ... It's all Greek to me), so I presume I'd need to take my car to a mechanic or at least someone who knows a whole lot more about cars than I do. Then, you say that I'd have to take the tune OUT before taking the car to the dealer for ... what ... Any kind of work? So, does this mean if your custom tune is discovered the Ford warranty is negated?

If anyone out there on this thread has installed your tune, I'd like to hear their comments.


1turbofocus 08-29-2016 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by Quint4165 (Post 10089961)
I have read your posts for a while now. I have no idea what you are talking about in regard to the install (flasher, base tune ... It's all Greek to me), so I presume I'd need to take my car to a mechanic or at least someone who knows a whole lot more about cars than I do. Then, you say that I'd have to take the tune OUT before taking the car to the dealer for ... what ... Any kind of work? So, does this mean if your custom tune is discovered the Ford warranty is negated?

If anyone out there on this thread has installed your tune, I'd like to hear their comments.


My tune putting it in the car and taking it out is something you can do your self , First time will take you about 30 min , second time about 5 min to do once you see how easy it is

Yes if you were to tell Ford you had my tune , If they were to see the xcal in the car then Ford could void your warranty yes , if you were to go to Ford and forget to take the tune out they wouldnt have a way to tell it was in there

The reason I say to remove the tune before going to Ford , If Ford does an update to your Focus they will dump what ever tune is in the Focus and replace it with the new Ford update and you will loose your tune and lock your xcal , SCT will unlock it but you have to ship it to them to have that done , its just a pain better to take 3 min and remove the tune and put it back after you get your Focus back from Ford


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