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SupraGuy 04-29-2019 12:23 PM

Dashcam Install, rear view camera.
Okay, so I installed a dashcam in my car.

The main unit goes over the rear view mirror, and has a 4" screen. It has a forward camera tot he left of the mirror. I can see the rain sensor housing in the view, but overall, it's acceptable.

There is also a rear view camera. I put mine on the top rear trim of the hatch inside the rear glass, but just below the sweep of the rear wiper. This works reasonably well.

I connected the reverse light wire, and the IR LEDs on the reverse camera cause some problems, where about all that I could see when in reverse was pretty much the rear defrost line, but I could still see well enough if I wanted to use it as a backup camera. (Since my factory one seems to have crapped out.)

Well, then I got the windows tinted, and this no longer seems feasable. As a rear view camera in its dashcam function it still works in daylight, but at night it sort of shows you headlights.

So again, I'm looking at options.

I like the idea of moving the camera outside the car. There seem to be many examples on Amazon for a camera that installs in/replaces the hatchback handle (Not sure if/how this works with the keyless entry, which is my primary worry, since there is no way in-car to pop the hatch that I've found.) I think that some of the others replace the factory camera -- which I would also consider, since I haven't found a wiring fault for my "camera unavailable" message. I'd really like it if I could consolidate both functions to the same camera, Not going to hold my breath for that.

So if other people have installed a reverse camera on a hatchback, I'd like to see pictures or hear suggestions.

I will say that during the sloppy season, while the backup camera was working, it wasn't always useful when it could get covered in grime on the commute from home to work, or vice versa, and would therefore be no good to see when backing up at the destination, even if I leaned it when I left.

rschaffter 04-29-2019 06:02 PM

There should be a button to open the hatch next to the headlight switch.

I have purchased (but not yet installed) a rear camera for my 2014, which is integrated into the handle. The latch is electrically operated by a push button in the handle, so replacing it shouldn't affect the keyless entry...

SupraGuy 04-30-2019 10:01 AM

Nope. My headlight switch has the fog light switch, the headlight selector, and the dashboard illumination up/down, but no trunk/hatch switch. I've seen the switches that have it, mine does not. I might not be able to unlock the hatch if the batteries in my IA key die, which is a bit of a source of anxiety. (I put a spare package of CR2032 batteries in the glove box, in the bag with the owner's manual.)

The hatch handle camera is still an option, if I can be sure that it'll work with the IA key, but there don't seem to be any assurances about that.

I'm starting to look at the options for replacing the factory camera, but the ones that they're showing don't look the same as the factory one to me.

rschaffter 04-30-2019 08:13 PM

It was a rainy day, so I installed the camera. The hatch handle works as it did before, and the remote opens the hatch.

This is the one I purchased.

However, they did a poor job of sealing the camera where the video cable passes into it, so I removed the sealant (it popped off with my fingernail) and resealed it with some GE silicone after cleaning the area with some 91% isopropul alcohol.

There is plenty of room to run the cable into the hatch through the large rubber conduit on the driver's side. I detached both ends with a trim tool and pulled the video cable through with a piece of still copper wire. The hatch didn't seem well grounded, so I ran a ground wire as well as the power connection to the backup light.

To access the headliner, I partially removed the left hand trim panel that supports the cargo cover (two screws, and the white panel above it; I didn't have to remove them completely. I also removed the two buttons at the back of the headliner.

To access the inside of the hatch, I removed the top center trim panel, which pulls out, and the lower panel, which pulls out after removing the four screws under the handle trim. I didn't remove the middle window trim pieces. You WILL bend lots of clips and they get left in the body. To get them out, grab the sides with needlenose pliers and yank them out. After straightening the inner pins a bit they will go back on the panel.

The camera fit in the stock handle location after removing the six nuts that hold the rear trim piece to the hatch. The ends of the trim are secured with double-sided foam tape, which I replaced with a couple of dabs of GE silicone in reassembly after cleaning. The stock license lamp wiring plugs right in. The video feed/power has a small intermediate plug which fits through the stock grommet for the light wiring if you remove the tape. I wire-tied the new wiring to the wiring that is there so it doesn't rattle.

Hope this is helpful...

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