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Smalls89 04-10-2019 06:41 PM

PCM - under hood
Door modules - in the doors lol
TCM - on the trans
BCM - passenger floorboard, in the dash behind the glove box
Gpsm - if equipped, in the antenna or in the roof next to the rearview mirror depending on year I think
Sterering modules - on the steering wheel lol
ACM, IPC, apim, fdim, hvac - on or in the dash

There are others depending on what the car has, but these are the main ones

SupraGuy 04-11-2019 12:22 PM

It still seems weird to me to put computers out under the hood, but I guess it's better than the one car my ex had where it turned out to have been directly underneath the cup holders. (Pro tip: Caramel macciato isn't good for electronics.)

I was hoping NOT to have to learn where these things are. This was supposed to be the car that I don't spend my weekends working on.

Anyway, thanks for the list.

I believe that the car has GPS, it asks for an SD card with the maps, which I didn't really want to buy, though I might buy the A10 card anyway. It's not like I don't just use my phone's GPS, but I think that I might like the convenience of it being in-dash, and not using my cell data connection. Actually, I just convinced myself, so I ordered it.

If I can't figure out the backup camera myself, I'll probably take it in for that, too, but I'm definitely not going to be happy about it.

Smalls89 04-11-2019 03:49 PM

Restraint module is under the back seat passenger side I think

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