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BrandonC 11-17-2018 03:59 PM

Transmission cooler return line removal HELP
Trying to do a transmission fluid flush my 2009 SES with the automatic transmission. I cant get the return line disconnected from the cooler end or the transmission end. Every how to I see is with the older style connectors, none are the same style as the ones on the 08-11 focus.

Ive tried pushing the connector towards the cooler, squeezing the tabs, then pulling, and every other combination imaginable.

Anyone have any ideas?

amc49 11-17-2018 06:13 PM

Not piccing it did not help your cause. Ford uses only like 40 different types of snap-on retainers. Some like the duckbill type require a separate small tool to do it. Tool inserts in to open the clamping spring up to let loose the other side. Tool is cheap and you will destroy that connector before it comes loose not using it.

Do a google search using the words 'transmission line disconnection tool' and get swamped.

Money$hot 06-22-2019 07:14 PM

5 Attachment(s)
I fought this today, figure it out and all attempts to link photos have failed. (Edit, now added) instead of starting a new thread I will just post here for everyone else who needs to do this.. I'll do my best to explain this via text.

Remove the airbox, its only two bolts and some wiggling. There are two hoses going to the radiator right under the driver side headlight. the lower needs to be disconnected. Remove the metal clip, it just pulls right off. To unlock the hose there are little tabs on the side of the connector, the natural reaction is to squeeze these and then try remove the hose however this is wrong. You must pinch both tabs in and push them in all the way until the the plastic back on the other side pops out. With the side all the way pushed out the hose will easily slide off. If there is resistance, the tabs have not been fully unlocked, try pushing them in while using a small flat head screw driver to pop the back side of the clip back, the clip is not removable from the connector, it just pops back in the unlocked position.

With the hose removed attach a hose, preferably clear, to the end of the radiator. a 3/8 inch inner diameter hose fits almost perfect and can be picked up at home depot. A small painters bucket can be as well that allows you to see how much fluid has been removed. the workshop manual suggests running the car at idle in neutral to pump out 3 quarts, shut the car off, add three quarts through the dip stick about 3 times until the fluid coming out of the hose is clean.

Edit: Photos:
Workshop manual, doesn't help too much:
Attachment 260377

Attachment 260379

Attachment 260381

Attachment 260383

Close up of the disconnected hose
Attachment 260385

paulrondelli 09-24-2019 07:12 AM

Just finished this. Great thread....this help a ton with the removal of the line.

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