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IdkBut#RACECAR 06-11-2019 12:19 AM

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I’ve been trying to figure what’s going on with my 01 ZX3 Zetec. I was driving it the other day and it just died when I tried to take off. I checked the battery and it’s fully charged. The weird thing is that the doors lock and the interior lights turn on but the dash lights won’t and the radio only works when I push in the volume button but no sounds comes out. Someone told me it could be the ignition relay and I bought the part but when I took out the old one it’s different from the one that I bought. Next move is to remove the starter and the alternator. Also the car would rev a little higher randomly when I would drive and the battery light would come on. I also added a photo of the one I took out of the car and the one I got at autozone but it looks like it fits the spot next to the relay that I took out

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