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ShamrockSVT 04-02-2009 11:44 PM

About HID's in stock housings.
One popular modification to our cars that has been the recent subject of heated debate is installing HID conversion kits in stock headlight housings. Some like the low cost approach to what they believe will give them better lighting, other believe this sort of modification is dangerous and should not be done. I will leave my personal thoughts on the subject out of this posting. However, it should be stated that before performing any modification to your vehicle, you should check all federal, state, and local laws before you possibly do something to your car that could render it illegal to operate on public roads.

Please note, installing HID type lamps in a normal factory Focus headlight is not approved by the DOT, and is illegal.

For the time being, any discussion about installing HID lamps in factory headlight housings are to remain civil. It is perfectly fine to remind our fellow members of the legalities of the issue in a polite way, but, other than this friendly reminder, if you do not have any technically relevant information to contribute this type of discussion, keep your opinion to yourself. Any negative comments, arguing, or insulting with or of other members will result in administrative action, including temporary suspension, posting privileges in the the exterior body and lighting forum revoke, or even permanent banning for frequent offenders.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,
ShamrockSVT and the entire FF Team.

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