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JerseyJoe 05-03-2019 10:26 AM

2013 Focus Overheating
I had to share this so others don't get caught.

We have a Ford Focus 2013 with no probs up to this point - except that has had a tranny overheat occur and handled under warranty. (They replaced the controller.)

But recently, I witnessed a 10 second or so, engine overheat warning flash up and then disappear. Hmmm. The next day my wife said she had a couple of these weird warnings flash up. (This time there was also temp gauge movement - I had noticed no movement.)

So off to the dealer. They said it was the thermostat and replaced it for about $380. Not happy but what can you do? Also a bit dubious - how often does that happen???

Very next day after "the fix" - same warning with temp gauge red lining. Call dealer - and asked him to call my wife having the problem. Dealer to my wife: it is a bubble in the system - just add some water. Add water...later in the day - same thing.

Bring it back to the dealer (second time) - they have it a day - no problem found...

Next day (on a Friday) - overheating (really not happy). Call dealer - no courtesy car...bring it in Monday.

Before I leave on Monday, I decide to check fluid level. Add a pint - sucked right down. So I add more - more than another pint (so over one quart added total).

Take it to dealer (third time)...they are pushing back (like we are doing something wrong??? Because they can't find anything!)

I said - wait a second, I just told you I had to add over one quart - where is the coolant going - not out the tail pipe! (I told him there was no white smoke/steam out the tailpipe - and you guys would see it on the computer!) SO WHERE IS IT GOING????

Two days later - after asking if his tech could drive it home to test it...

They found it...the plastic overflow tank had cracked (well hidden) and they replaced the tank. (Now I was convinced they actually found it.)

So they had replaced the thermostat for $380 probably for nothing and it was a $79 plastic tank (you know almost like a milk bottle that costs pennies....)...

So how did the tank crack???? Cheap plastics???? Who knows?

But here's the kicker - after three rounds on this the dealer - said this has happened a couple of times before. WHAT?!?!? Arrrrggh!

I paid for the $79 (for the "milk bottle") with no extra charges - like they did me a favor. And I have a new thermostat - which I probably did not need for $380. Not happy but glad is FINALLY resolved...(my wife is driving it right now so I hope I am not being overly optimistic. )

Be forewarned.

pasta 05-04-2019 07:37 PM

Typical stealership.

amc49 05-05-2019 04:05 AM

At a quart of coolant missing anyone opening the hood should have been able to tell a leak just by the smell of fresh hot coolant. I can tell it by simply walking past the car. The plastic tanks break commonly and one of the first things you check for leaks.

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