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CellshadedSVT 06-16-2018 08:16 PM

Headlight Upgrade
So last October I woke up to this...

Which, of course, the bastard who did it left without so much as a note saying "Sorry". So it fell on me to pay for and do all of the repairs myself. My insurance company did pay out on the car because the parts are discontinued, which; I ended up using to pay of what I still owed on the car. The car now currently has a salvage title even though this is the only real damage to the car. Once I have the money to fix the fender, I will get a clean title for it again. But for now, here is what my Dad was able to do with the fender.

So, with the passenger headlight destroyed, I had a choices. I could buy OEM replacements, try to find a set of Mach headlights or find some other aftermarket headlights.

Now, I have never liked the stock Focus headlights and felt they were one of the major elements holding the car back from looking really good. Also, since I put the Euro grill in the car, I had been needing front blinkers for quite some time and found this to be a perfect opportunity to remedy the blinkers. So I started looking for the factory option Mach headlights, but really wasn't having too much luck. What I was finding was quite expensive and to be honest, the chrome was just too much for me. I know with some work I could take them apart and spray the inside black and all would be well, but I really didn't want to deal with that; especially with the chance of destroying such expensive headlights.

So I kept looking for another option. The only headlights that I was really finding, however; were the Spec-D tuning lights. So, I went in search of anyone who had already installed these on their car to obtain some insight as to whether or not I should bother. unfortunately, I really couldn't find all that much. I did find a few people saying these headlights were not great, but I still couldn't find anyone who had real evidence of having them install on their SVTF. So, I said to hell with it and bought them, after all they where only around $150, so if they didn't work I wasn't out too much.

So, now that they have been on the car for a while, I thought I would report back on how they have been and how they look on the car.

Here they are on the car during the day...

and here they are at night...

Here are my thoughts.


I think they look amazing and really give the car that extra something
They are pretty inexpensive
I think they project light better than the stock headlights
The LEDs are a nice touch during the day and it gives you blinkers again if you have changed out your grill


The Halo lights are not very bright and are basically not visible during the day
They don't quit fit perfect
The HID bulbs that came with the them do not fit

Thankfully for me, my dad is an electrical engineer; so installing these was easy for him. However, I would recommend taking your car to a professional to do the install. Just to give you an idea of whats involved, here is a look at how we did the wiring setup...
So, the LEDs and the Halo lights are spliced into the parking lights, which; I now just turn the parking lights on during the day to use the LEDs as daytime running lights. Now, I wanted to make sure the headlights were working and that I liked them before putting in the HIDs, so I have just been using the regular headlight bulbs that came with the kit. A week ago, I decided it was time to install the HIDs and went back to my Dad's to put those in. Unfortunately, the HID bulbs that came with the kit do not fit. The bulbs fit in the slot, but the mount doesn't fit over the back of the bulbs. Fortunately, the kit came with ballasts and everything else needed for HIDs, so I'm hoping I can just find different HID bulbs that will fit.

Another small issue is that the headlight is not a perfect fit and clearly not identical to the OEM headlights. It's pretty minor, but where the Hood, fender and headlight meet is the only place that seems to not be perfect. Here is a shot to show what I mean.

Now another critique of the Spec-D headlights was that the lens scratch easily. I can definitely see this being an issue, however, just like with the original headlights; I will be taking the car to my brothers shop to have him clear mask the headlights. Which, is also a great way to prevent yellowing and something I recommend doing.

I think that's about all I have on the Spec-D headlights.

Now, another thing I did recently was remove my grill and paint it along with the chrome around the badge, which; I am really pleased with how it turned out.
I will be doing the same for the other grills, the wiper cowl and the hatch trim. I'm also going to have the front valance plasti dipped blue. I'll try to report back after doing that.

pasta 06-16-2018 10:37 PM

Nice work.

pangloss 06-17-2018 04:08 PM

Definitely do that clear film over your new headlights. I put it on my '04 SVT when I first got it and the lenses are still bright and clear - makes the whole car look much less old than it really is. Compared to my wife's '05 Sienna, newer car but the lights are really faded and yellowed, blah.

Byron King 06-17-2018 04:37 PM

I agree, the faded plastic on headlights just kills the way they look. I really like the way those look on your car, if only they didn't take so much electrical work installing. That might be why there's so many negative reviews

CellshadedSVT 06-17-2018 05:41 PM

Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, the original headlights were clear masked and still look new when I removed them.

The headlights do require a lot of wiring, but I imagine any headlight will. Again, I am lucky enough to have an electrical engineer for a father.

pasta 06-18-2018 12:07 AM

Yes that would help.

flyingsvt 07-06-2018 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by Byron King (Post 11303882)
That might be why there's so many negative reviews

I also remember a thread. I believe it was on the HID planet forum where a guy bought some aftermarket lights for mk1 focus. ( I don't remember which brand) in which the clear outer lenses had swirls within the plastic. It was from bad manufacturing process, and looked like a problem with the injection molding. Apparently it was bad enough to screw up the light throw severly. With out the outer lense the cut off was sharp and with it you couldn't even make it out.

I recently bought some European ( no allocation for reverse) aftermarket tail lights for the focus and all the LEDs have held up so far.

Looks like the OP is happy tho. It does seem pretty shady that they would send an HID kit that don't fit the housings they were sent with. However, Car looks good!

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