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svt medic 08-07-2004 04:59 PM

Short throw shifters & Short ram intakes
How hard are the short throw shifters to install. Is the car louder inside? My friend has a stang Gt, his sts made the car louder because of some seal or somthing.are the svtf's like this to. I also don't want to spend the 300 plus dollars to buy the aem cai. will I like the steeda short ram. Time to buy the wife a new car soon. She's a lookin. God spending money on cars makes me cry. They are such a rip off,and have no equity.[:(] [?|]

S2 08-07-2004 05:48 PM

Short throw shifters are really easy to install, easier on a Zetec than an SVT but only because of some wiring running to the center console. Basically it's the same thing though, just takes some time, definitely a do-it-yourself driveway job.... I installed mine no problem...

The STS will not make the car louder inside at all, not one bit from what I can tell and I have had one for about 4 months now. I went with the STEEDA Tri-Ax STS.

I got the STEEDA short ram, noticed big gains on my car (NOT AN SVT) and I heard that the SVT version is one of the best out there, best would be a VOLANT but they don't make one for the SVT yet....

svt medic 08-07-2004 08:32 PM

how does the center console come apart in the svt.

revamp 08-07-2004 08:37 PM

hey svt medic....

since we're friends again, I have some directions for the STS install that I typed up myself. They are a little clearer than the directions you get from steeda. The STS, in my opinion (and many others) is the best mod you could ever do to your car. Every time you drive it you will smile...

as for the intake, I am running a steeda short-ram and love it, as well. I've noticed a small increase in mileage and a great improvement in sound. I'd highly recommend it.

revamp 08-07-2004 08:40 PM

oh, and I forgot to mention...I did my own STS install and it took me maybe an hour total. It was pretty easy once you got the shift knob off (the hardest part) and the console removed (next hardest part). The console just has 2 screws underneath the front cup holders and 2 or 3 bolts under the rear cup holders. remove those and the console lifts up....

but like I said, I have directions I can email to you if you like...

sidney61199 08-07-2004 08:51 PM

I also used REVAMP's instructions (thanks) and they are very clear and helpful.

Don't laugh at me but I couldn't bring myself to paying $150 for a short ram intake (got two kids, football, school, takewondo, etc..) so I bought a $30 cone filter from Jegs (auto store) and put it on. The cone is huge and you can here the air being sucked in (sounds pretty cool). It opened it up a little and I can tell a diffrence. I'm not saying it will give you better or worse gains than the aftermarket intakes just saying if your stressed for money this is an option.

If anyone wants to do this I took the top of the air box off and have the cone resting inside the air box (kinda like a heat shield in a way). I have the svt so I have the cold air intake snorkle in the front so it is still functional and I also rigged up this cold air setup I don't know if you would want to flash your engine around after words but I do think the extra cold air intake tube helps.

svt medic 08-07-2004 09:24 PM

Revamp. thanks . I would love those directions. and we were never not friends. just had a bad day. I'll tell you about it on e-mail

svt medic 08-07-2004 09:54 PM

Revamp I sent an e-mail. did you get it?

svt medic 08-07-2004 10:22 PM

revamp those directions are great. it sounds hard to do. I am not that machanicly inclined. I'll get my freind to help me. It sounds like i would put the thing back together and still have parts left over.

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