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coolpooler 03-31-2019 06:16 PM

AWE Non-Resonated Touring Edition is On!
I bought my ST last September and the dealer was nice enough to do a little modding for me from the get-go. To wit, Enkei wheels for the summer tires, and a Cobb cold air intake and cbe. Problem was, the drone at highway speeds was making me crazy. I installed sound deadening in the trunk,pulled the symposer (Steeda symposer delete) and that only dropped the drone 6 dB, down to 83 dB from 89 at highway speeds.

I talked to Josh Davis at AWE and after a little discussion, decided to get the AWE Non-resonated Touring Edition. Plonked down the payment and was told it could be a few weeks as it was in queue for production. I placed my order 23 Feb and was in my hot little hands by the 8 Mar. I finally got it installed this weekend and, Wow! Quiet around town, and a great tone when you lay on the throttle! Best of all, no drone! Cruising at a little over 110 KMH and only 72 dB. I can have a normal conversation! Plus, a great little burble and crackle when you're decelerating. I'm still on the stock downpipe and tune, but a Stage ! kit and a Cobb Accessport is in the works, plus a LSD once the warranty is done. I'm putting together a vid of the install and I'll post a link once it's done. Happy Happy Happy![headbang]

felixthecat 03-31-2019 08:58 PM

Great input.....A diff will make a difference & a d/p as well......

pasta 04-02-2019 12:21 AM

Stage 3 is the way to go.

coolpooler 04-27-2019 01:38 PM

Stage 3 would be wonderful if I was tracking or dragging the car but this is my DD and I need reliability with my fun!! :) Stage 1 will be about as far as I go with her. I'm thinking about the downpipe, but that'll be a little while yet.

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