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XxDRIVERxX 10-09-2005 03:31 PM

Went to the track friday..
Heres 4 of my runs, 2 of my runs I couldnt stage beacause I realized my lower air scoop was gettin in the way of the sensors and screwing them up.. so I had to take it off.

1st run was- (autoshifting)
Reacton- 1.121
60 ft- 2.369
330ft- 6.840
ET @ 594- 9.809
1/8 Et- 10.491
1/8 MPH- 65.97
1000ft ET- 13.641
1/4 Et- 16.328
1/4 MPH- 83.62

2nd run- (autoshifting)
Reacton- .642
60 ft- 2.334
330ft- 6.829
ET @ 594- 9.844
1/8 Et- 10.497
1/8 MPH- 68.91
1000ft ET- 13.678
1/4 Et- 16.369
1/4 MPH- 81.38

3rd run- (manually shifting)
Reacton- .703
60 ft- 2.340
330ft- 6.788
ET @ 594- 9.756
1/8 Et- 10.440
1/8 MPH- 65.70
1000ft ET- 13.604
1/4 Et- 16.297
1/4 MPH- 83.78

4th Run- (auto shifting) (Fastest run 1/4 ET)
Reacton- .728
60 ft- 2.304
330ft- 6.720
ET @ 594- 9.667
1/8 Et- 10.346
1/8 MPH- 66.35
1000ft ET- 13.487
1/4 Et- 16.160
1/4 MPH- 84.10

Is that about right for an auto with my mods, the trans cooler, and Intake manifold are NOT on the car, I havent had time to do those yet.

I do a small burnout before each run, and for my launch its pretty much a last yellow deal revs are around 2300 brake torquing it. Im running 17x7 enkeis, with Falken Zeix 512's
And its floored all the way down the track, but I think if I worked on my shifts manually shifting it would be faster, because the car just hangs past 7000rpm for a while, then shifts(not sure what RPM since I dont have an 8000rpm tach, assuming 7200 since thats what SCT tuned it for)

One thing I noticed is in the top of 3rd gear prob around the 1000ft mark the car starts to hesitate bad, revs drop a bit, then it comes back just before I hit the 1/4 mark. anyone know what this could be? Also when I first start the car, it WILL not stay running without applying th
e throttle ive noticed this ever since I put my UDP's on, does my SCT need to be retuned.. Ive added a race header, flex, UDPs, since it was originally tuned.

What else (besides tranny work, im saving for that currently) can I do to get some more power out. would larger injectors and a MAF help out? Head & Cams are out of the question until the tranny is done.

Thanks, Shawn

fokuzx3 10-09-2005 03:38 PM

yea thats a very good time for your mods, most people would still be in the careful about that manual shifting, ive seen alot of friends of mine blow their trannies doin too much of that...and no large injectors and maf wouldnt help unless you went on the tranny first and then rethink where you wanna go, i think a s/c would better suit you than head and cams..just my opinion

viney266 10-09-2005 09:06 PM

Agreed! I think you will hit the 15's . Keep having fun!

CKA 10-09-2005 09:09 PM

Hey so that's where you were. We called you. But anyway nice number's.
Keep up the good work. [thumb]

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