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sc0tty8 09-10-2005 11:53 PM

Other then basic bolt ons...
What makes power on these zetecs?

I ask becasue I want a bit more then stock.

I do not want to spend 3-4k on forced induction and refuse to belive it is the only way...(some on another forum claim it is the only way.[rolleyes]

I am thinking ford racing #2 cams, under drive pulley, a 4-2-1 racing header with 2.5" cat back, early 2000 intake with larger tb, and, a cold air intake, possibly a tune to advance the timing a bit.

Thoughts and reactions? At this time, I would like to leave the head alone, possibly next summer if I don't buy a weekend only toy, I may want to add in forced induction, but, at this time, I would like to stay NA, w/o nos.

In the future, I plan to add in LSD, lightweight flywheel, and a stronger cluth(prob when the stock cluth fails).

The car is a 2k3 zx3 zetec 5 speed all stock atm.

focituner 09-11-2005 12:26 AM

Basicly you are heading in the right direction. Without doing any extensive block work you can see some good gains from the mods you posted about but i think that ther most power will come from the cams, Gears, and some good tuning. Best of luck.

BlackNRed01 09-11-2005 12:33 AM

youve pretty much got it, other than a flex pipe and adjustable cam gears...head work is the next step.

munkyv22 09-11-2005 12:35 AM



You are going the right way for all motor.

sc0tty8 09-11-2005 01:06 AM

I will be replacing the flex pipe. I will be doing the exhaust myself. As a v8 guy at heart, I am trying to reduce any chance of a ricey sounding exhaust. Ricey is in the eye of the beholder. I am looking at a larger muff that should hopefully reduce a lot of the riceness. I will prob also pick up the adjustable cam gears while I am at it.

I am looking at a larger muffler from summit racing that is not specifically designed for a sports compact car, this will reduce cost, and, hopefully noise. I will also add in a cut out in the exhasut so if I wish to race, it will be more free flowing. I am really trying to attain the quiet stocker/sleeper look/sound.

Gears are something I thought of, but, since the stock clutch is still holding in there, I figure at this time, I will leave the trans alone all together, and, do it all at once to save on downtime and labor;) I think it will benefit from new collars and blockers at that time $$$

I am glad to hear that I am going in the right direction, I was told on another forum that claimed to be one of the world's largest, that, I did not know what I was talking about and pretty much everything I knew about v8's did not apply to the zetec because the zetec is another animal. We all know all motors benefit from more free flowing exhaust, intake, and a cam. All of these items promote more flow, and, more flow is good for more power.

How high could one raise the compression, and, still expect to run decently on boost? I am thinking if I get a tune, I may get the timing advanced a bit to help pick up on more throttle response and power, but, I know this will have to be undone when I add in boost. I would like to do either the vortech high boost kit or the jrsc big boost kit when/if the time/opportunity arises. I had a previous project car that went horribly array(unknowledgeable me and friends really screwed up), I dreamed too big and bit off more then I could hanlde, so, this time, I am going to do it step by step and the work I can't handle 100% on my own a shop will do.

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