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buffalogoat 12-02-2003 06:32 PM

ZETEC Valve Cover Gasket
HELP!!! I have a 2000 Focus with the ZETEC 2.0L engine with the PLASTIC valve cover.
It's leaking, so I bought a new FEL-PRO VS50489R valve cover gasket set which according to
FEL-PRO and my local parts store, is the right gasket. WRONG!!! It's definetely NOT right.
The outside of the gasket is the same but the part that runs between the 2 camshafts is'nt
even close! FEL-PRO & most other parts catalogs only show 2 engines for the 2000 Focus.
2.0L SOHC (engine code P) and 2.0L DOHC (engine code 3) Mine is definetely code 3 but no one can get me the right gasket! Any help would be greatly appreciated.[???:)]

focus mike 12-02-2003 06:53 PM

maybe what you are talking about is a different part, isn't your car under warranty still???

buffalogoat 12-02-2003 07:04 PM

NO! I got the lousy 3-year or 36,000 mile warranty.

focus mike 12-02-2003 08:50 PM

well dont go to the dealership they'll rape ya : ) ask a mechanic if he could help you out and just ask him what the part would be called. i have a 91 ford ranger xlt and i blew my powersteering hose on the highway. i took the old hose of and threw it out w/ the adapter that i was supposed to keep. god bless the junkyards. the hose wouldn't fit and if i wanted the adapter i had to order the whole powersteering pump. good luck with your project happy hunting.

Kicknzx3 12-02-2003 09:05 PM

just go to the dealer and order the gasket.

mofocus 12-03-2003 02:18 AM

check ebay. theres a guy on there that sells the valve covers for like 15, he might have the gaskets on them, if not im sure he has some, i think his name on there is autodan or somthing

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