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FoRdFoCuZdRiVeR 09-07-2003 11:56 PM

trouble removing cat back
ok earlier tonite i got bored n decided to go n remove the cat back..since i should be gettin my new one this week i hope..maybe later today..but anyways..the bolts that hold the cat n the flex..r a little rusted n the things i tried wont even budge em..n the rubber do u remove them..n would i be gettin new ones with the new cat back?

FoRdFoCuZdRiVeR 09-08-2003 12:19 AM

anybody kno how i can take care of that problem?

focus 09-08-2003 12:26 AM

I think you are trying to say the bolts are rusted and you can't get them off.
Well go to a Home Depo or Lowes and get this spray stuff and it'll come right out. Can't remember what it's called just tell an employee that you got a rusted screw that you can't budge. Or get a longer wrench. Don't know about the "rubber hangers"

FoRdFoCuZdRiVeR 09-08-2003 12:31 AM

aight thanks

mofocus 09-08-2003 12:38 AM

ok so what cat back do you have and are you replacing your flex too?

Kicknzx3 09-08-2003 12:41 AM

yea...why r you removing those bolts?...that will just cause more problems for u...the focus cat-back is literally a flex-pipe back...leave that stuff alone.

FoRdFoCuZdRiVeR 09-08-2003 12:42 AM

gettin a mbrp...n no not a flex yet..only had money for the exhaust n to pay off a friggin ticket [:(]

FoRdFoCuZdRiVeR 09-08-2003 12:43 AM

oh..ok didnt kno that kickn

i was told its cat pipe..header

so r u sayin i need to order a flex too before i put my new one on?

mofocus 09-08-2003 12:47 AM

it is, and you dont have to do them all at once but its easier for some

FoRdFoCuZdRiVeR 09-08-2003 12:50 AM

aight..but should i get a flex before i put the new cat-back on?

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