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02silverbullet 01-22-2013 10:05 PM

question about exhaust
so im going to begin modding my zx5 and im looking into the obx racing 4 1 ss exhaust header and down pipe for now and a volant intake what are your guys thoughts on the exhaust ive heard lots of good things about the intake but not sure about the exhaust what is the good and the bad i can get the exhaust for 179.99 on ebay and remember im a college student on a limited budget...thanks for any input!
here is the link to the ebay site

zetecDon 01-22-2013 11:17 PM

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The only thing I am going to say is that you pay for what you get. OBX exhaust systems are sold cheap for a reason and that is there quality isn't always the best. Will it fit? More than likely, but most of the time I have seen and heard is that they have always required modification in order to fit properly. And even when it was made to fit properly it didn't always line up correctly on the manifold.

Now as for getting an exhaust off of Ebay. OBX does make a decent exhaust but a lot of others on Ebay are not worth the price you pay for them. What I mean is that the quality of the metal isn't the best and sometimes the flanges, hardware and welds rust through quickly leaving you with an exhaust that will need repaired in a year or so.

For an exhaust, I would buy one used off of someone on here or I would search around for a well trusted and known brand like MRBP, TruBendz, Borla, Magnaflow etc... Plus you can always go to Youtube and hear how those exhaust sound so you can find the one you really like.

TerryB 01-23-2013 02:30 AM

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sgtsmasher 01-23-2013 12:07 PM

forget the obx, find a used svt header, cat and flex pipe, buy the cat and flex off this site and you would need the power steering line from the svt, or off you can get the relocatioin line. you also need an oil dipstick from the svt. and you can even get a decently priced exhaust 2.5" diameter. i went the cheap obx ebay route, worst waste of money ever...the svt header is a tad bit not on the cheap side but you get the best results as far as power goes and it wont be as loud as the obx, and the fitment as stated above wont be an issue.

zTimbo 01-28-2013 10:01 AM

I went with the OBX, for the price I was pleased and it served the purpose I wanted it for(to be able to remove the catalytic converter). It's a decent piece, nice thick 3/8" flanges, all TIG welded.

Mine came with 2 provisions for o2 sensors and a provision for the EGR, but it was threaded wrong. This wasn't a problem for me but could be for some who don't posses the skills or equipment.

I unscrewed my OEM EGR tube adapter from the OEM catalytic converter and cut the threads off. This is to allow for the adapter to at the right height as if it was screwed into the OEM converter.

Then I welded it onto the end of the bung that had the wrong threads that OBX supplied.

I welded 2 6mm nuts onto the header tubes so I could reinstall my OEM heat shield. I had to trim it up a good bit for it to work which I was ok with because I was mainly concerned with how close everything is and wanted the most protection. I also wrapped the entire header with exhaust wrap.

The OEM dipstick had to be unbolted from its bracket an zip tied(for now until I find a solution) away from the header tube. I also tweaked the brackets for the power steering line to provide a little more space between it and the header as I read some people had problems with it getting hot and failing.

Hope this helps

redfocusdrver 01-28-2013 10:39 AM

i would say to go with the fswerks 4 -1 header and flex, but idk if they make that for zx5.

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