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iminhell 09-23-2012 06:26 AM

I really don't get it. This car is basically stock. It's a Ebay SRI, Ebay long tube header, 2.5" flex and Magnaflow flex back. I added PZEV injectors and have been tuning it for E-85.
When I first picked it up it was a turd. Could hardly move out of it's own way. But on a stock tune I didn't expect much. Hell it's been 10 years since I drove a stock one; forgot how uneventful they were. But now that I've got my spark issues worked out, this thing is fun. According to the last two logs I pulled tonight it should be around high 120 to low 130 whp.

Is that even possible?
Anyone happen to have dyno'd a similar car on race fuel? What did you get for #'s?

Here is a graph. What it is is air flow multiplied by my commanded Lambda times 90% (drivetrain loss of the low end of 10%).
And before I forget, air temp tonight was in the low 40's; IAT's were in the low 50's high 40's. Nice and cold, good power air. But not enough to account for the #'s I'm seeing.

FWIW, other car done the same way. This is with the FRIM. Other car has a 2000 IM (stock).

BigRed03 09-23-2012 09:42 AM

considering the fact that youre running e85, i could see it.

back in my reg zetec and 97+ degree august heat in orlando on a portable dyno i made 117whp with an ITG SRI, high flow cat, 2.25" flex and magnaflow exhaust. the dyno is in the zetec dyno thread. so with a long tube header, some injectors and tuning, i prolly could have seen those numbers

Mile30 09-23-2012 09:45 AM

I've got a similar setup: ported I'M, 65mm TB, OBX header, MBRP 2.25", 93oct on a 80 degree day and I pulled 136whp and 130whp on 87oct.

1hotfocus 09-23-2012 10:02 AM

I'm sure a Svt header and a 2.5 full cat back with flex pipe would net at least 10 more whp..turbotom says the header alone is a 15 whp addition

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1turbofocus 09-23-2012 04:13 PM

Now post a real dyno


iminhell 09-23-2012 04:25 PM

Shit costs real money yo!

Maybe sometime though. Thing is this engine isn't staying in this car. I'm just getting it tuned on the fuel so I know what to adjust when I make the swap.
I'm lazy and don't want to swap yet is why it's being tuned in the car it's not staying in.
... and I haven't decided on just how I want to do the swap yet,,,

Other car has more power,
Other car has 188,xxx on the bottom end; new car has 5,xxx on bottom end,
Other car has LW FW, CFM oil pump and ARP studs; new car is stock,
Other car has stock trans; new car has Quaife,

I'd like to use the low mile block but that means I have to spend more time playing musical parts. I'm already dreading this so that option doesn't appeal to me at all. And it's not like the other block has anything wrong, just high miles.
Typical lazy/cheap skate excuses. you know.

freemind 09-24-2012 04:06 PM

I just pulled 127.6 whp last night at Dyno day.

My mods are, Focus Sport cool flo intake, OBX 4-2-1 header, 2.5" flex and OBX-R(2.25")exhaust.

My car has 190,xxx miles on it.

iminhell 09-25-2012 01:29 AM

See Tommy. My method gets close. So neener neener.

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