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Black&Tan 09-04-2012 07:32 PM

It won't be cheap.

200 at the crank or wheels?

What's your budget?

I'm assuming you have a mtx?

Start with an intake, header, and exhaust. Best to buy all this stuff used off an SVT. SVT intake, header, and flex are the best you can get for the car and will look stock unless someone really k ows what to look for on a focus. People are always selling them on the buy sell trade forums for pretty cheap.

With a tune, that should get you maybe 20 extra hp to the wheels for about a grand once you buy everything you need along with the swap.

After that you are looking at cams, shaving the head, and things that cost lots of $$$$.

It's very expensive to get a zetec to 200hp na and in most cases it isn't a streetable car. That's why most people go FI.

1turbofocus 09-04-2012 07:53 PM

I would do a
SVT header , loose the CAT and do a 3 inch Exh
SVT intake with drop in filter
I would remove the head and surface it about .015 to .020 , add a set of stg1 comp cams
Good custom tune , this should add a good 30HP


BigRed03 09-04-2012 08:36 PM

4.06 final drive for better acceleration
that gutted stock cat doesnt flow well. Get an SVT header (or other long tube) with ORP
15s and low profile tires will help you gear you down further for better acceleration

an SVT intake mani in short runner will help get you slightly more top end

If the head is coming off, invest in 5 angle valve job and deck the head.

Black&Tan 09-04-2012 08:56 PM

+1 on the 15's. Get the lightest wheels you can find too.

CincySR 09-04-2012 10:02 PM

If I remember correctly, use 2 zx2 intake cams. Believe they are an upgrade on a focus and I'm sure you could find some fairly cheap. Port your TB and Intake mani. SVT header, lightweight flywheel, short shifter, shaved head. Another trick some zx2 guys use, is changing out gears from other models to help with ratio's. However, I'm not sure if the focus can do the same, but it's worth a look. Remember, it's not only the amount of power you make, but how it's used.

Magus2727 09-04-2012 10:07 PM

stock parts meaning stock cams right? I would deck the head the 20 over and good valve job... stock parts though would you have to keep the stock valve size? i.e. no larger valves.

Define stock parts? the ZX3 did not have the SVT exhaust as stock so does that count?

SVT brake conversion front and rear will allow for you to brake later.

smaller tires and 4.06 will allow for you to acceleration out of the turn.

Are light weight fly wheels considered bolt-ons? if 4.06 gears would pass I would think the fly wheel would pass... what about a differential?

not knowing the exact what is allowed or what is not it can be hard.

if you hit any substantial speeds things can be done to lower the car and or reduce the air drag a little (wax the car?)... get radical and strip the paint and just polish the raw metal to reduce weight (kind of like american airlines does to save jet fuel). have you removed all the sound deadening material?

iminhell 09-05-2012 12:03 AM

ZX2 cams are a downgrade vs stock Focus ones.

I'm woth those who say to pull the head and deck it. But unlike Tom I'd shave a lot more. Just be sure the cooling system is able to handle the extra heat; oil cooler is a very good investment here.
I'll second the 5 angle valve job and cams, though I'd go stg. II or better being you're running a higher rev range than a street car.

Gears also help by multiplying the power you do have. Just the same as reducing tire circumfrence does (the added benifit of smaller tire can also be less wieght).

Black&Tan 09-05-2012 08:18 AM

We mean the stock intake and airbox from an SVT focus with a panel filter drop in. It looks like a regular focus intake but the snorkel is bigger. Only someone who really knows a focus well would be able to identify it. It was designed by cosworth. It's essentially a ram air intake and has Dyno proven better gains than a cai on the zetec.

You can usually find one used for $50. But you're talking maybe a hp or two difference between the two so not sure if it's worth it.

I'm confused. You say you can only have stock parts but you already have some bolt-ons....

Magus2727 09-05-2012 10:27 AM

A light weight fly wheel does have some pros and cons and you will have to weight them. In theory you can rev faster because you have less rotational mass... that being said it also stores less energy so you have the potential to "loose" energy when shifting.

I am not sure in the pistons and rods from the SVT. I think your trying to skirt on the edge of what can be done and are falling on the side of do not's. Do you have a link or rule or anything from the organization for the class you are trying g to stay in?

Bigger valve springs won't exactly let you rev higher (there is also no need since the power band on the focus ends around 6300 RPM but your revs are more limited by your oil pump). The valves are usually a very good idea when going with larger cams. But none of that stuff is "stock"...

Unless your able to say Ford Racing parts are allowed and can find some of there stuff k. The for sale section. They use to have springs and cams but no longer sell as new. Likewise they also sold brake conversion kits and suspension kits... if that could be considered "stock" that's the way I would go. And get a Tune from tom!

Are you able to run race fuel? 110 octane?

Also is he really going to deck the block? So he doing a full engine rebuild?

Iminhell: how much would you deck it? 0.030"? At what point does it become an interference motor? Why not desk it less and use a thinner head gasket? This is for my own research....

1turbofocus 09-05-2012 10:36 AM

You cant use 2 Intake cams , like stated zx2 cams would be a step back

short throw shifter , under drive pulleys , light weight fly are not going to make him any straight away HP or TQ

406 gear would help IF he can get the gearing right which is very hard to do

Yes he can shave the head more IF he is allowed to run a higher octane fuel 100+

STG2 cam you can hear them lope and he would be busted when he started the engine in the pits , thats why I said STG1

SVT header would be legal because it is a stock Focus part that came in his car and body type , I have won this protest with 3 of my customers

I do about 15 racer both dirt and road , it would help a lot more if he would give more of what he can and cannot do rules


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