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mofocus 10-11-2003 03:15 AM

So you want to buy an intake?
for the most part there are two types of intakes

1.short ram
2. CAI

there are others such as Ram Air, and custom setups which differ and fit both or neither of the categorys, Forced Induction often replaces the need for either one and utilizes its own intake system

here we will discuss the main two and which is right for you and the differnt brands

1. Short Rams
are basically a short piece if piping or tubing which generally have a larger internal diameter than stock and use a cone or similar shaped filter to induce a better flow of air into the intake stream. this type of intake is abundant and usually less exspensive than its counterpart. they are usually less favored because they pull in hot air from under the engine bay, which many dislike and choose CAI for

some companies and types of short rams:

AEM metal piping, some use the stock MAF housing and some relocate it onto the pipe which doesnt allow for an MAF upgrade, however somwhat makes up for it

BOMZ this cheap alternative uses metal piping and offers a less exspensive route to a better intake system, though its method of sale (Ebay) somwhate lowers expectations on quality

MAC also uses metal piping this one is a good compromise of dollars for performance, nice intake for the price

STEEDA very similar to the AEM and MAC only w/ a name and price tag

others include STR, Ractive, K&N, Weapon R, INJEN, HP Racing and many others

CAI or cold air induction is known so because of the way it extends its search for air beyond under the hood, there are differnt types of CAI, some will debate whether they are or not but for ease of argument i will divide them into two differnt categories

Standard CAI (Metal, one or few piece tube) these use their own mounting for the MAFs which doesnt allow for an MAF upgrade usually extend towards the bottom of the front left of the car, these are known to have problems such as causing the engine to stall upon starting, and being submerged in water, there are alternatives to fix the latter problem such as Bypass valves, which involve cutting the pipe and installing the valve somwhere usually in the engine compartement in the intake line so that when the filter is submerged the valve pulls in the dry engine air. Some of these include INJEN, AEM, and BOMZ, which also make short rams, and come in a many varities of colors and finishes as well as many other makes and models, these intakes were popular "back in the day" but there are better alternatives to most of them which brings me to the second category

Intakes like the FOCUS CENTRAL and VOLANT are known favorites, they utilize the CAI method while maintaining most of the stock placements of filters and MAF positions, and in doing so dissolve the two problems of the latter CAIs, they usually include a larger diameter piping or tubing running from the Throttle Body to the MAF, (uses stock MAF and allows for upgrade of MAF), and then connecting to the air box, which although some of them use the stock box, most include thier own alternative, these intakes then extend beyond in their own method, such as these three main ones

FOCUS CENTRAL uses a rubber elbow and a metal pipe combined w/ its own open topped air box containing a cone filter, comes w/ snorkel, the open top box functions w/ the Ram Air hood, also offered by Focus Central, user comments are not the best looking but serves function

VOLANT seems to be the favorite of this site, uses plastic tubing that runs from the tb to its own open top box, should also work w/ the FC or similar hood, also allows for SVT snorkel upgrade

ICEMAN similar to Volant except utilizes the stock box, comes w/ drop in panel filter, and mini snorkel for the resonator hole, as well as an upgraded intake snorkel, looks to be stock which is a plus for CARB tight states

filters can often be a secondary choice on the intake, primarily the provided intake filter is usually high flowing enough, others offer such alternatives such as the ITG filter which has a heatshield(fits most short rams and stock tube) but as for the price it is generally considered not worth it, and the highest flowing filter isnt always the best, remember what filters are for it is best to have a high flowing filter that also filters out all harmful particles which could cause imediate or collective damage

hope this helps some ppl , lemme know all the stuff i forgot or should change so i can make it the best

ill leave the rest here for questions and answers on the intake material

mchedd 10-13-2003 08:41 AM

Mofocus - Thanks for the consolidated information on intakes.

whiteboyslo 10-13-2003 08:57 AM

nice summation. only one slight area i would disagree with. You said that the Iceman's design makes it easier to pass smog in CARB tight states. that's probably true in every state except CA. unless you're smog tech is an idiot or just doesn't care, he (or she) will notice that the intake is aftermarket and therefore request a CARB# to pass the visual inspection. so unless the Iceman comes with a CARB# (which i am unsure of), it is highly unlikely it will pass smog.

otherwise a very worthwhile post. nice work, mofo. maybe this will stop some of the more annoying questions we get (you know the ones).


mofocus 10-30-2003 11:48 PM

well the thing w/ the iceman is it looks realy similar to the stock, if you got a decent matching color that is

Jake 11-01-2003 11:00 AM

Mofo, great post.
At the risk of asking one of the dumb questions about CAI's, is there a significant difference in HP and Torque increase between these different set-ups.
Also, am I correct in assuming that the Iceman will be the most quiet since it uses the stock airbox and a panel filter. ( And, since I'm leaning toward the iceman for it's cosmetic stock look, where does it rate on the Hp/Torque improvement scale?)[:D]


hotfocus 11-01-2003 11:22 AM

Nice post...this thread is getting sticky status.[^]

Twofocused 11-01-2003 02:55 PM

Im very happy with my ebay CAI, I do get a little nervous in heavy rain becaue the filter hangs down so low. Im putting a ebay short ram on for the winter. Sucking in the hotter underhood air isnt a problem in winter and it solves the water problem. I bought a spare MAF for $5 off ebay so swaping between the two is fairly simple.

mofocus 11-02-2003 10:39 PM

glad to see it will stay around to help some ppl, again i know its not perfect but let me know if you know of anything i should add or change, as for the iceman this should give you all the info you need eventhe carb #

shellshock 12-02-2003 04:52 AM

soo CAI im looking to buy since i have a Short ram and i didnt know the difference untill now...whats a good CAI since i live in hawaii....and theres no winter but we some times get really thick rains...rare...hawaii's in a drout

mofocus 12-02-2003 10:13 AM

well its really up to you, depends on your budget too, you can get the long metal tube style fairly cheap, then theres the kind like the Volant thats favored here, Iceman is also good, just about all the pros and cons are up there

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