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lildisco 10-09-2006 12:51 PM

SVT Header Conversion
MY GOD. Whoever said the SVT Header is just a simple bolt on can go to hell. This was the biggest BEOCH i've ever done on a car. Besides the fact that my car is an 03 and it was coated with rust, the header wouldn't fit into place properly. MY EGR Tube had to be cut off and my bolts holding on the flex to the cat had to be cut as well. This thing wouldn't co-operate for the life of it. Now before you guys go and say it shouldn't have taken you that long you weren't doing something right. I had 2 other people that put race headers on their Foci and 1 of those has put about 4 Headers on different Foci. We had a good arsenal prepared.

We started around 12:30PM and didn't get done till nearly 9PM. Everything was prep'd with Penetrating Fluid and that fun stuff. The stock header and cat were soo rusted into place it was sicking. Tiresmoker (Brian) had to have knocked about 30lbs of rust off the front of my car and about 10lbs of that went into his eyes, hair and beard. After we get the stock stuff out we had to get the new EGR Tube in place. We took the coil pack out and that left us with enough room to get the new EGR where it was supposed to be. Then came the SVT header. It would not co-operate what-so-ever getting it. We had to get it at an angle and forcefully get it to where it needed to be.

After we got it where it should be, we put some studs in. NO ONE HAS EVER MENTIONED HOW MUCH OF A PAIN IN THE A$$ THE PASSENGER SIDE STUD IS!!!!!!!! You need to be Machinest to fab up something to tighten that thing down. It would have made it semi-easy to have ratchet wrenches but still would have been only able to give it about 1/8th of a turn each time. Once the bolts were in place and torqued, we attempted to get the Dipstick and Tube into place. What another royal pain in the ass. Everytime we thought we had it into place, the damn thing would pop out or fall out. Once we were satisfied on the tube being in place, we worked on the heat shield. WHAT ANOTHER PAIN IN THE A$$!!!!!!!!!! It would not go on to save us all. We had to 'custom' bend the head sheild to get it to go on the header. Then my Power Steering line buts right up next to the runner of the SVT Header. Yes it does have the shielding around the line, but Christ, it's close. Fortunatley SKAaddict (GEO) had a Laser Thermometer and all the PS lines were still well below critical temps. I'm planning on getting the SVT Power Steering line or fabbing up something in the near future.

Besides the beoch install, the SVT Header is Great!!!!! I shocked Tiresmoker, because i was actually able to keep up with him and his supercharged and aftercooled ZX3. Now let me clarify that. Keep up means that he was pulling on me, but not as fast as he would have liked. If he woulda missed a gear i would have passed him. Brian is having some tunning issue as we can almost garuntee that what it was, but he was still a little upset [:D] Now my car sounds like complete a$$ when i go WOT. It's LOUD!!!! Brian said it was louder than his car with a Race Header and Borla Exhaust. I have a hi-Flow Cat, Bosal Flex, and Magnaflow Cat-Back. It gets real raspy and tinny (tin-ne) up top and when i let off the gas. I'm certain that a Resonator is in the works for the near future. Cruising at highway speeds and babying are fine. The exhaust is a little louder than before, but nice tone to it. As soon as i go wide open throttle, all hell breaks loose. It sounds as though something is ratting, so i think i'm going to replace my Hangers as well.

I will have pics up here shortly when Geo gives them to me. I also have an Exhaust clip, but it sounds slightly different in person. I love my header, but i'm un-certain that if i could have done it over again, that i wouldn't have done it. But i had a fun time Sunday at the Auto-X where i place first in my class [:D] good friends good times [thumb]

Brian and Val, I cannot thank you guys enough. Your mom and dad too. If you guys ever need anything, i'll do my best to help you out. I'm really shocked that your mom didn't have my stuff gift wrapped by the door before i left [rofl] I meant to say thanks again to your parents before i left, but i was too tired and forget and felt bad on the way home [:(]

tiresmoker 10-09-2006 03:14 PM

yea, that was a big, big pain in the ass, and I've put quite a few headers on in my time[8] It was pretty fun though busting out the cut off wheel and goin to town on the rust, err I meant bolts.[:p]

It does sound nice, except for the raspy once you really get on it. Personally I still think it has a little to do with the small exhaust leak at the flex, because when I blew my gasket at the header/flex, it sounded just like that when I romped on it.

All in all it was fun, although I'm still sore two days later.

Geo needs to get those pics up. I wanna see some sparks flying[:D]

turbovation 10-09-2006 03:32 PM

thanks for clarifying that tinny really meant tin-ne [:D] lol

Anyways sounds like it was a bitch and a half to install but overall you seem happy with the outcome so that means that it's badass!!

Congrats Devon

ITLRUN 10-09-2006 07:14 PM

I guess I'm one of the ones that can go to HELL LOL It wasnt that bad when I installed mine. However, I used a lift and air tools.

Trust me, change to the SVT P/S line ASAP. When I installed mine I though the same thing. After a 40 minute interstate trip at highway speeds to pick up my daughter, it burst!

tiresmoker 10-09-2006 09:02 PM

^^^ I used air tools, and that wasn't a problem, I could have taken the header bolts out with a regular socket. Trust me, I love my air tools, I wont take a single bolt off without them.[:D]

I've put several headers on focuses in my time, this one was a little different. We literally had to force the header up from the bottom because the runners kept rubbing up on the fan shroud.

The major problem was the amount of RUST on the car. The flex bolts were so rusted they HAD to be cut off, there was no longer a hex shaped head on the bolt or nut. Also the stock egr tube was stuck, no amount of heat or penetrating oil would loosen it. The heat shield was a little bit of a pain as well, but I would assume it would have went on a lot easier if we had the SVT power steering line.

All in all it wasn't that bad, just tedious because of all the rust and minor snags we'd run into.

nov173 10-09-2006 09:44 PM

ya i know what you mean... i had to cut the exhaust off cuz of the damn rust... major PITA... the hardest part and most time consuming for me was tightening that exact passenger side header nut... ohh and the power steering did burst after a day n a half... wasn't fun driving it after that... i have the svt line on now so its better than it was originally it feels like... but after all the swearing and cuts and bruises it was worth it... although i dunno if i'd spend that much if i could go back lol.. def much much louder

SkaAddict 10-10-2006 12:37 AM

Pictures, as requested;
Starting from stock setup
Brian (tiresmoker) grinding off the stuck flexpipe bolts...
...and living up to his reputation as gasket-breaker
Action shot: EGR tube being ground off of stock header
Our method for securing the passenger-side nut...wiggle extension, regular extension, 90* adapter and deep-well socket
Finishing up...header and dipstick installed
The finished product

The more I think about it, if we would've been able to get that rear mount to come off we probably could've tilted the engine back to get the headshield on. Too bad the bolt holding it to the subframe was as rusty as the rest of the car...

lildisco 10-10-2006 07:19 AM


Originally posted by SkaAddict
The more I think about it, if we would've been able to get that rear mount to come off we probably could've tilted the engine back to get the headshield on. Too bad the bolt holding it to the subframe was as rusty as the rest of the car...
That's the sad thing. It's not like i abuse my baby or anything like that [:(] Damn Ohio Winters [V] [V] [:(!] [:(!] [:(!] [?|] [?|] [?|]

tiresmoker 10-10-2006 07:22 AM

[woot] Look at them sparks fly!!! As for that mount, I still can't believe 650+ ft/lbs of torque wouldn't break that thing loose. Gotta love the beer can that made it into the first shot[:D]

lildisco 10-10-2006 07:24 AM

LMAO That was there for Aerodynamical purposes [:D] And it hads about 5HP when shot directly into the drivers mouth [:D] [:D]

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