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JohnMichael 10-04-2005 10:30 AM

Brake Caliper Clip...
If I freaking cursed, I would have been yelling a syphony of them at this little clip that attaches to the front brake know the one I am referring to, don't you? Goes into two little holes, and braces the pad to the caliper...

Man, is there any sorta trick to getting that little fetcher back on?! Do you just stick one side in, and then try to wedge the other in or what?...

Thanks for the help, guys...I'm in the process of installing my new pads and rotors...

lunarc 10-04-2005 11:01 AM

What i have found that worked...put the bottom one in first...pull it toward the back of the car so the notch butts up against the caliper then push the top of the clip on the other shelf. Then push the last tip into the almost have push it IN and Forward at the same time and then jam it in the hole. This is a big pain in the ass, i would wear gloves and have a flat head screw driver handy. Here is a picture to help out my horrible ramblings.

JohnMichael 10-04-2005 11:04 AM

Wowsers, I just got it done...again, wish I could let loose a string of ************'s, but I'll just stick to my 'fetcher' and 'crapper'... [;)]

Wonderful tip, thank you Lunarc. I followed the first step of yours, but I then grabbed the top point and simply jammed it into the top hole... I think out of sheer might and frustration, it just popped right back in. Either that, or God was done laughing and decided to help out... [:D]

SVTFucus 12-20-2005 09:17 AM

Man....I did my pads/rotors on Sat and this is the first day I've driven w/o the clips in. Shouldn't hurt too much....HOPEFULLY. I tried and tried and couldn't get the clips that I've found this thread I'll retry it.

JohnMichael 12-20-2005 09:37 AM

Keep at it, I literally thought I was going to go insane trying to get that clip back playing the same level over and over and over again on a really tough video game. You get soooo close everytime, only to get a Game Over. [;)]

It really helps if you have a set of pliers to bend/shift the clip into place.

SVTFucus 12-20-2005 10:11 AM


Originally posted by JohnMichael
Keep at it, It really helps if you have a set of pliers to bend/shift the clip into place.
I did have pliers on it as well.....I may try to heat the wire up a little....boil it in some water or use a propane flame to heat it up to help "pursuade" it. Thanks for your help man. [thumb]

All in all I thought the brakes were the easiest I've changed....only 30 minutes per side......till I tried to get the clip back on!! [?|]

JohnMichael 12-20-2005 10:15 AM

lol, feel the same way...would have been a snap had it not been for that little guy! Be careful about heating, you definitely don't want to lose that original shape.

SoCalDuratec 12-20-2005 12:16 PM

ahhhhhh........ back from the dead.

JohnMichael 12-20-2005 10:11 PM

Yessiree, the 'clip' never ends... [;)]

SVTFucus 03-24-2006 12:40 PM

still no luck after I've tried it once again. This is pissing me off!!!

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