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MISVTfocus 07-20-2005 12:52 AM

Painting wheels how-to
Ok so I've been getting a lot of PM's about how to paint wheels, somehow my name keeps coming up when it comes down to it, thanks for all the good remarks guys but I figure instead of keeping it a big big secert I'll just tell everyone and maybe get a sticky too. [paranoid]

Alright so lets run down the basics, first off you're going to want a couple supplies. You will need a high temp paint that still holds a good clean look to it. I have usually used spray because its the easiest way to apply. Second you're going to need a couple different types of sandpaper, grit 300-400 all the way to around 1600. And it really helps to have those shop horses too, it makes paiting a lot easier.

Now, you have to remember, in painting them in the way I direct you to, you must ruin the original coating on the wheels. You CAN'T get that finish back, so make sure you really want to do this and that you are willing to repaint in time.

Ok so step 1: remove the wheels from your car and wash them THROUGHLY. I mean clean make sure there isnt any dirt or brake dust left on the wheels. You are going to probably want to do this first part with dishwasher soap.

Step 2: Now that the wheel is clean clean clean you are going to want to start the sanding process. Start with the 300-400 grit wet and begin sanding off the clear coating on your wheels. Take up the grit slowly always using the sand paper wet. You should be able to take all the clear off and then smooth down the surface for a nice clean paint area.

Step 3: Wash the wheel again getting all the sand paper grit and clear coat off the wheel that may have been left behind, make sure you clean it really well, and dry the best you can, actually an airgun would be a perfect quick drier but if you dont have one just use a towel.

Step 4: So now here is where shop horses come in handy. You'll want to take newspaper and wrap your tires and then use masking tape to tuck into the edges make sure you get the edges covered otherwise your tires will have weird paint markings. The whole tire should now be covered with something.

Ok now that the tire is all covered we can move onto the paint process.

Step 5**: If you have shop horses stand the wheel upright on 2 horses so you can get a good paint area. You'll want to have your spray ready to go. Take the spray paint you have and put LIGHT -and I cannot stress enough how light I mean- coats on the wheel. Let the first one or 2 coats dry enough, then begin putting more coats on. Now you shouldn't do this step too quickly otherwise you'll get running paint drips which look horrible. Put as many coats on as desired. Make sure you get everywhere on the wheel but never ever put the can too close, the reason you have the wheel covered is so you can just spray from a distance and cover the whole thing easily.

Step 6: OK so assuming painting went well its time you'll want to add your clear coat top. The paint should now be dry to a stickiness or dry to the touch. Add the clear just like you sprayed on the paint, put a couple good coats on because you'll want your wheels to shine. Let this dry for 12-24 hours depending on how much you put on

Step 7: Now that they are dry and I mean completly dry its time to wash with a car wash compound something that is clear coat safe. Wash then WAX the wheels, this wax is gonna keep them looking really nice.

Now you can put the wheels back on and roll around and show off to your buddies and tell them what a sweet website we have. I hope everything goes well for you, I know a couple people who have followed my instructions and have had great results, not including myself.

**: If you get paint drips, let the wheel dry and then sand off the paint with a high grit maybe 1000 wet sand and then try it again.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions or whatever just PM or post here I'll be happy to answer. Good luck everyone [thumb]

sexy2002svt 07-20-2005 11:14 AM

nice write up, should help alot of people [thumb]

MISVTfocus 10-05-2005 11:18 PM

Hmm been a while I believe its time for dead thread revival.

BlueOvalFan 10-05-2005 11:31 PM

nicely done. ive thought about painting my stocks for awhile now. now i know what to do and how :o)

MISVTfocus 10-05-2005 11:35 PM

Yeah unfortunatly not enough people have read this. I was hoping it would get a sticky but I guess not...

Foci_Fosho 10-06-2005 02:05 AM

yea, I don't think it carries enough value to be a sticky...

However, I do feel it is appropriate to add to the list of Exterior Modification's...
There's a Huge ol' List.. Here i'll find it for you...

PM S2 and ask him if he'll add your thread to the list. That way whenever a new focus owner comes around, just point him to the list then fewer bogus threads will start...

redbull 10-06-2005 02:25 AM

Thanxs, i also have been wanting to do that...

sskable 10-06-2005 02:31 AM

wow really nice write up, if I had better stock rims I would paint them but I just have the stupid hubcap type, however I'v been looking for black rims for a while maybe i'll just try to find some cheap ones that look cool and paint them myself, If I do I'll post some pics my fiance' has an awsome digital camera.

MISVTfocus 01-27-2006 01:17 PM


WD40 01-27-2006 01:35 PM

^^^ It's in S2's mega Complete 'HOW TO' Archive under "Exterior Body Components and Exterior Cosmetic Changes"

I did update the thread title to the more standard "How To" nomenclature so it's easily found in a search.[;)]

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