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narkotskyb 10-29-2013 07:54 PM

michelin pilot super sport 215/45 R17

How many use or used this tires? Any actual experience on Focus would be greatly appreciated. I know it's not exactly OEM size tire but I like my 17 inch wheels just fine.


I already did the suspension upgrade and handling is night and day (here is BoM) but since my OEM tires @ 29K already I'm thinking ahead about better tire option going forward.

Rear Sway Bar - Steeda
Springs - Ford Racing Lowering Spring Kits FMS-M-5300-S (linear)
Rear shocks - Bilstein Series: B6 (HD); Rear; 24-196529
Front shocks - (as suggested by Zillon)
AD-1098 F Upper Strut Mounts
AST-12281 LH F Strut (ST-version)
AST-12287 RH F Strut (ST-version)
AD-1094 F Strut Bearings

suss6052 10-29-2013 08:14 PM

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quacking05focus 10-29-2013 08:21 PM

I have the supersports and love them, easily the best tire I've owned on any car. Grip, steering feedback, lack of road noise...all great and I got the set slightly used with 5k miles on them. Only thing that came close is the Bridgestone re-11 I had on my c6 a few years back.

qweesy 10-29-2013 09:11 PM

All Michelin Tires are awesome I run the Pilot Sport A/S 2's + Ultra High performance all season sticks like glue in the rain and dry weather.... the only thing you will run into with the super sports is they will wear out faster due to the softer compound but they will handle very well.

You cant go wrong with Michelin period.... the Pilot Sport A/S 3's + are out now little bit better compound and more water sipes for even better wet traction

roswelltop 10-30-2013 05:09 AM

I ran Michelin Pilot Super Sports on my 2011 Foccus and loved them. And I fully intended to replace the the Conti Pro Contacts (CPC's)on my 2013 SE Hatch with the Michelins, but then a couple of things happened.

First, I was prepared to really hate the CPC's as I was not a fan of Continental tires at all. But I in reality, I found them to be generally ok, not great, but not horrific either. OK for OEM.

Second, when I began due diligence for purchase, time and time again Conti Extreme Contact DWS was getting rave reviews from just about every authority and user that I read. Not to mention that a set of four was about $200 cheaper than the Michelins.

I've purchased several sets of tires from the Discount Tires here in Roswell. When I discussed my dilemma with the manager, he assured me that if I was not completely happy with the DWS's that he would swap them for the Michelins or whatever I wanted.

After about 4,500 miles in plenty of wet and dry weather, I could not be happier with these tires. Great grip, extremely quiet, comfortable ride and at a cost that saved me several hundred dollars.

You will not go wrong with Michelins, but if you want a comparable tire with a chance to save some money, check out the Conti DWS / DW's.

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