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andref 06-24-2013 05:05 PM

60K miles
I just hit 60k on my 2012 Titanium sedan, waiting on my 3rd set of tires.
Got it brand new in Feb 2012.

zetecDon 06-24-2013 10:40 PM

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Wow, first post on here and you have been a member since 2007. Anyways, to the're on your third set of tires and you are only at 60,000 miles? Not sure what tires you got for the second set but perhaps you might want to upgrade to some better tires for the third set, change your driving habits and have your vehicle checked for alignment. Also moving this to "Wheels & Tires".

Tarmac 06-24-2013 10:43 PM

If you are just on your 3rd set, you got 30k per set so far. Sounds pretty normal.

thehubster 06-25-2013 02:32 PM

Ya that sounds pretty normal. To be honest i am surprised at how long my tires last here in arkansas. when i was living in california i went through tires about every 30,000 miles. I was up in the hills outside sac though and i didn't really think about my tires back then. haha

Billacuda 06-26-2013 12:52 AM

Ti with handling package? Stock tires on that are only rated to 20k miles so you got quite a bit more if that's so.

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