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wowzir 05-28-2013 06:09 AM

Will 17" Fusion rims fit my 06 ZX3??
I want to put a set of 17" rims on my ZX3 and I need to buy tires for the rims. Will they fit and should I just put original size tires on the rims? Will I have any issues with turns or clearance? Thanks for the advice in advance. James

Also, its time for shocks and springs. Daily driver and just want a little more aggressive upgrade for a little for spirit in driving. Any suggestions?? [dunno]

TheGlassMaker 05-28-2013 07:07 AM

No, the earlier fusions was 5x114.3, then ford switched 5x108 on the new model. Only focus that is 5 lug is the mk3 2012 to current and its a 5x108.

5x114.3 is the most common used lug pattern, and 5x108 is limited to pretty much ford. But more wheel companies have opened up to that pattern because of the focus. Some people have looked into doing 5 lug conversions on the focus being everything mazda except the miata uses 5x114.3. The madza3 and the focus are very alike.

When it comes to suspension, the cheapest route would be some adjustable shocks and drop springs. The more expesive would be to go full coilovers. The cheapest yet reliable shock and drop springs combo I've seen over the years is megan racing coils and KYB adjustables. It will give you a nice 2+ inch drop and you will easily still be able to fit 18x8 wheels.

I run megans and I will tell although cheaper they ride great and give the best bang for your buck. I can show you pics of my car aswell as several others who run megans aswell.

1slofofo 05-28-2013 07:08 AM

no, fusion prior to '13 had 5x114.3 while '13 on has 5x108. Your focus is 4x108.

rambleon84 05-28-2013 08:39 AM

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sailor 05-28-2013 10:39 AM

Like the Ford "SVT" type suspension on mine, have heard here recently that you can get the set with front assembled struts & rear springs & shocks for around $300 - not too shabby!

Used Tousley Ford to source mine (Steve is our "contact" there, though you don't NEED to talk to him). Village Ford is a new sponsor here (Andy) & I've heard good reports on them as well.

Make sure to get the '06+ set to fit yours, the std. SVT set needs an "OMNI" kit adapter set to fit the later cars because of larger strut diameter.


YellowJellyBean 05-28-2013 12:34 PM

There are threads upon threads of wheels that will actually fit your car. The Focus uses a not too super common bolt pattern of 4x108, but any factory wheels from a 00-11 Focus (including SVT) or newer Fiesta will fit. You can also check for wheels and tires that will fit your car. If you're willing to shell out a little more dough, Perfect Circle Autosports imports Team Dynamics wheels from the UK, which can be custom ordered in any bolt pattern or offset.

As for suspension (especially in an 06/07) go with the Ford Racing kit. It's what I have on my car and it's definitely how it should have been from the factory. The drop isn't too crazy and they're better than Eibach Pro-Kit springs, which provide a similar amount of lowering but are too soft in my opinion.

wowzir 05-28-2013 01:50 PM

Thanks for the info guys. Great support and knowledge.

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