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EcumSecumGuy 02-05-2013 05:51 PM

Time for front end work?
Got a 07 5 speed focus wagon with just over 200k (120,000 miles) ..original front suspension except for for sway bar links. Not bad, no bounce or leaks but it is getting looser - it still passes MV inspection easily.

Sway bar links are Moog (NASCAR brand- Crappy Tire) - sealed (non-greasable) these only lasted a year and a half. Garbage but lifetime warranty.

What should I replace? struts, mounts, tie rod ends, lower control arm bushings? Just want to be proactive. Love the car.

I recall doing something like this with my old Escort wagon around this time.

Any thoughts appreciated. Monroes ok?


my_beautious_ZX3 02-06-2013 02:59 PM

If you're satisfied with an OEM ride, then Monroe QuickStruts are a cinch to install (assuming your hardware is not horribly corroded) and probably your cheapest option. While you're at it, put some SensaTrac shocks on the rear (although based on comments on the forum, the wagon's rear shocks are not as easy to replace as other Focii).

Also, the rear LCA cam bolt internally seizes on older Focii, resulting in a frozen toe setting and LCA's that only come off with a cutting tool. So, if you're being really proactive and plan to get an alignment anyway, then you might wanna think of some way of mitigating that corrosion.

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