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2000FFocusLX 01-28-2013 04:32 AM

Wheel Bearing? Rubbing noise. Also, steering issue?
My name says what car I'm talking about. I just want to say thanks for taking the time to hopefully help me out, and if you need any specific details just ask and I can do my best to answer. And I am very sorry if these have been asked/answered or if this thread is in the wrong area...

When I am moving, no matter what speed, there is a "rubbing" noise. It sounds like a tire rubbing but I honestly don't think my tire is rubbing anything because there is no smell in the wheel wells. I think it might be the wheel bearing because I had a tie rod bent really bad after hitting a curb, so bad that one tire was actually pointed out the other way at almost a 45 degree angle, jamming in one spot while driving forward and just dragging on the ground unless at a lucky odd angle when moving. I was really smart and drove the car to work (about 2-3 miles), constantly turning the wheel one side to the other bouncing the car back and forth a constant squealing of the tires just burning away. I didn't think about it at the time but I probably did some serious damage by driving my car like that and I believe I may have worn the bearing/s. But I might be completely wrong because I've never had a worn bearing before.

It gets louder the faster I go. Again, no smell. It wasn't there before I replaced the rack & pinion (replaced the whole thing instead of just the one bent tie rod, got new tires, and got an alignment) And I parked the car right after that day I drove it for 4 months until I replaced the rack.
If I'm wrong and I am destroying my new tires please tell me.

Another question: After the steering rack replacement my steering wheel moves before engaging the steering wheel, like it doesn't grab either way for about and inch and a half. A mechanic said a bolt is probably loose? Is this correct and how do I check? (I paid a guy to do the rack for me) before I hit the curb my steering was GREAT. The most responsive clean steering I'd ever had easily. And I've never experienced this in another vehicle. Whatever it is please don't tell me the rack is bad. Lol.


2000FFocusLX 01-29-2013 12:07 PM

Just brought it to a shop. Thanks for all the replies

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