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wordyahurdd 01-21-2013 08:24 PM

Tire size question for autox wheels!
What is the best tire size for my wheels. 205/45/16 or 215/45/16 or 205/50/16 or 205/40/16 or 215/40/16

Also open to any suggestions for cleaning these corroded wheels

rambleon84 01-21-2013 08:55 PM

I am unsure of the offset/fitment or your current suspension setup but a 16x7 wheel on a Focus would call for a 205.50.16 tire, that would put you at a stock diameter.

If you are planning on refurbishing these yourself, then some lighter steel-wool/sand paper. Once everything is smoothed out, some self etching primer before a proper painting/clear coat.

If you were planning on having them professionally fixed, then media blasted and perhaps an acid bath and then a proper powder coating of your preferred color.

Indy'sexclusiveZx3 01-21-2013 09:31 PM

Me having 205 45 16 I hate the look and comfort of the size of the tires more meat is better

thenorm 01-23-2013 12:24 AM

For autox with an SVT a tire a little shorter than stock would help. 215 would fit well on 7" wide wheel. 225 would even be possible

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