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alexrckid 12-06-2012 08:54 PM

drum tone ring removal...
anyone ever have any luck remving a tone ring from a drum. my ZX5's got bout 70k on it. did a rear brake job and would like to replace the drums with new ones......would like to reuse the tone rings(since new drums dont seem to come with them and new ones at ford are mucho $$$$$. tried lightly trying to pry a ring off and see that wont least i dont think so....thanks.

cpalz 12-07-2012 05:26 AM

I hope you find an answer, as I am curious also. I tried like heck to get mine off, but ended up destroying them. Tried using a bearing puller. Good luck! As a side note, I purchased my replacement ones at a local NAPA. Still big bucks though!

Mile30 12-07-2012 06:01 AM

You'd need to use even pressure around the entire ring simultaneously to avoid damaging the ring. In other words you need to press it off. You might try a pulley-pulling tool, it uses two semi-circular pieces with a lip that goes under the edge you're lifting, and a collar to keep it together as force is applied. It's a shot in the dark though...

When I did mine I used flat edged hand tools and a small piece of wood for a fulcrum; when you get one side to move up a little, you have to keep working around the outside so you don't press one side too far making the opposite side harder to budge... it's almost just worth getting the new tone rings. How often are you gonna have that apart? Might as well do it right while you're at it!

alexrckid 12-14-2012 10:19 PM

well...since there was no way that i would have been able to remove the tone rings without messing them up, just decided to return the new drums to NAPA and reuse the originals...which seem ok. just wanted to replace the stockers with drums that had new bearings installed....just for the new bearing. but, original bearings seem fine anyway....end result, new rear brake shoes and original drums. ol=nly slight problem....even after pulling the self adjusters to the lowest position prior to reassembly and backing off alot on the handbrake cable, now have a bit more brake drag on the left drum compare to the right drum. this was after doing a few miles and adjusting the hand brake cable(in the interior console) for slight cable tension at 4 notches up. after a few miles, the left drum's bout 20 degrees hotter(with a temp gun) than the right drum.....oh well..........

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