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08focusse 10-12-2012 05:24 PM

TPMS Question
I have a 2008 Ford Focus SE that Supposedly has TPMS sensors and i just changed the wheels from the stock steel wheels to a set of aftermarket alloys off a 2007 focus without TPMS how long does it take to recognize the sensors are not there and turn on the light. i have put approx.45km on it since the change and no light no performance issues. the tire shop i went to said the only issue would be a light on the dash and i can live with that just want to make sure FORD didn't charge me for something they said i had but don't. THIS WOULDN'T BE THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!![?|]

Bleed Blue 10-12-2012 06:43 PM

Does your car have a TPMS warning light that comes on when you first power up the car or start it? If it's there, it should illuminate for a few seconds just like the airbag lights and so on.

08focusse 10-15-2012 10:55 PM

ok the light finally came on and right off the bat i noticed major drivability issues. right after the light came on i had no throttle response and i couldn't get the car over 60km/h or approx 40 mph and my gas milage dropped like a rock the tire shop i went to said there would be no problems but i guess that might have been the older models and or the canadian standards have stiffened up alot put my original tires back on milage went up and no problem getting to freeway speeds now. so i am selling my new (used) rims and tires and going to look at getting some rubber to replace the stock tires

Geezer 10-16-2012 01:29 PM

This is the first time I heard of TPMS sensors working with the control module and putting the car in what sounds like limp mode. I wasn't aware the system was designed to do that. What size tire and wheels did you upgrade to? What was your original tire size.

08focusse 10-16-2012 02:19 PM

the car had 195/60r15 and i put 205/60r16 car drove good for about 20km then the light came on and i guess it went into limp mode..

My guess is as soon as the light comes on the car detects a flat tire and instead of letting you keep traveling at freeway speeds it will slow the car down gradually and safely so the problem can be addressed . i know that DODGE does the same thing i talked to ford they won't give me any info on it other than buy another set of sensors..

the tires i know were too big as after the purchase i went online and found that 205/50r16 were the biggest i can put on it so it isn't the 205 or 16"wheel that was the problem in was tire height. oh well i will just wait on them till it gets really ugly for weather here in BC,Canada then i will make my money back plus.

apparently the wheels had no issues or problems on a 2007 focus which is what the guy i got them off of had them on

Minchkin 10-19-2012 06:41 PM

I know my moms 2008 didn't throw a fit when she it a pot hole and destroyed her tire, but TPMS dinged the same second we hit the pothole. But I don't remember her being restricted....

08focusse 10-21-2012 04:46 PM

since i had my PCM updated i have noticed my Low fuel doesn't Ding and i know that the TPMS doesn't DING either so i am not sure what all was written in the updated pcm from ford but it cost me 80 bucks and my mileage seemed to have gotten better as well maybe the 80 bucks was worth it only time will tell, Just watch out for the windshield sprayers that attach to the hood as mine broke and sprayed the motor with windshield washer and shorted out one of my coils (wasn't a needed expense when i was on holidays) but these are known to break down and shatter which is why i couldn't understand why i was charged 10 bucks for a new one(if something is known to cause problems ford should have put out a recall notice and replaced them with something other than plastic which doesn't deteriorate over time[mad])

So maybe the update in the pcm was written to add the tpms limp mode (I don't Know) they don't say anything they just say oh you have an update for the pcm and update it without an explanation of what it includes:Even updates for a computer tells you what has been changed!!!!

08focusse 11-12-2012 07:20 PM

Ok so after a little searching and all i made it back to ford and i guess they answered my question better than i could find on the internet. on my 2008 ford focus it has the TPMS, AdvancTrac Traction Control( i didn't think they installed this on a FWD car ) but after about 45 mins sitting with the service advisor he couldn't give me an answer other than the TPMS wouldn't put the car in limp mode then he pulls my vin and after searching the data base he goes "Huh, this car has advance trac traction control and if the tires were used they have to be within 1/4" difference in total circumference between all 4 tires measured at the center of the tire or the car would think the car was spinning and activate the traction control which would put the car in limp mode to try and regain traction(which would cause the lack of power).

So instead of hit and missing i sold the rims and tires and will just look for a set of new ones and be done with it

If i would have known about all the little things that cause problems i would have just bought a different style of car this one is really starting to annoy me[?|]

Geezer 11-12-2012 08:01 PM

Thanks for sharing the information. I was not aware that the AdvancTrac was so sensitive (maybe a little too sensitive based on your discussions with the Ford people). Others will benefit from this info.

08focusse 11-13-2012 01:33 AM

That's not a problem i just wish someone would have told me before i went and bought rims and tires that they all had to be within 1/4" of each other as i thought that the advanctrac was only on 4x4's and all wheel drives but to put it on a FWD car seems kind of pointless. then again i guess FORD has an "IN" with the tire companies so we have to buy 4 tires at a time so if we have a blow out on one tire and instead of replacing ONE tire we have to replace ALL 4 tires i can only say the consumer is the one getting Screwed over.

But this is just my opinion and my mounting Hatred for some things car companies do to nickle and dime us to death[bash]

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