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1hotfocus 09-02-2012 07:17 PM

need some ideas here :)
i've got some eaps on my white focus, and theyre painted. i redid them nicely and all but we all know there prone to chipping and stuff eventually.. so i got a pretty good deal on powdercoating and was wondering what color i should get.. heres the car! thanks.
(quick snapshot out the window, sorry for quality)

felixthecat 09-02-2012 09:07 PM

Black chrome.

1hotfocus 09-02-2012 10:59 PM


Originally Posted by felixthecat (Post 4333116)
Black chrome.

Hmm.. that sounds nice.

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1hotfocus 09-04-2012 03:18 PM

Any other ideas?

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sbc17 09-04-2012 03:21 PM

I'd go with the dark gunmetal of the EAPs on the SVT's. It would be a nice compliment to the white. Not to light not to dark.


YellowJellyBean 09-04-2012 04:06 PM

I dunno, after seeing Chris' car (norcalfocus01), I have to say that the white on white for a multi-spoke wheel like that looks sick.
Chris at Ford Fest by Focus Dave, on Flickr

sbc17 09-04-2012 06:38 PM

White on white is ok. Not my style but I could see someone liking it. It should look good as long as you don't go with something crazy like orange. Lol


Geezer 09-05-2012 01:04 AM

It's really hard to match whites. They come in cool and warm shades. The wrong match looks very wrong. It has to be identical to look good. I also like Gunmetal/argent gray wheels on a white car.

sbc17 09-05-2012 07:59 AM

I didn't even think about the matching. Geezer is right, it's gonna be really hard to get a exact match of white.

felixthecat 09-05-2012 10:18 PM

I might add you have to be on top of white wheels to keep clean.

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