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waynegraphix 06-09-2009 09:18 PM

WHEEL LUG CIRCLE for 07 ZX5 SES?? 108mm??
"M-1007-T177B* Same as M-1007-S177 except painted black Fits 2000-05 Focus 4-lug, 108mm bolt circle, 5.94" backspacing 17" x 7" wide Includes Ford Racing center cap "
(the listing at the bottom without the picture. if you click on it the picture comes up on the next page but not the details. Some error with the web page)

These are the wheels I want to get but the key word is "fits 2000-05" and I have the 07, so here n' lies the problem. I tried my manual to see if the 07 is a 108mm circle pattern. anybody know? thanks for the help. I really want these wheels-they are SVT black. I wouldnt think the the focus' would have a different lug bolt circle. Some help would be great. thanks

waynegraphix 06-09-2009 09:30 PM

nevermind, I found it
Ford Focus Wheel & Tire Information

Standard Focus Wheel Offset:
15" - 52.5mm
16" - 52.5mm

SVT Focus Wheel Offset:
17" - 49mm

Saleen Focus Wheel Offset:
Front Wheel-17x7 40mm
Rear Wheel-17x7 49mm

Suggested Aftermarket Wheel Offset:
40mm - 49mm
Always check first for the chance of rubbing.
Some lower offset wheels may cause issues on lowered cars, depending upon tire width and amount of drop.

Bolt/Lug Pattern:
4x108 (4x4.25) - For all 2000-2007 Models (Includes SVT)
12mm X 1.5 RH - Lug nuts

Ideal Wheel Width:
7" - 7.5"

Ideal Tire Sizes:
18" - 215/35/18 = 215 width / 35 height(35% of 215) / 18 diameter
17" - 205/45/17
16" - 205/50/16
15" - 195/60/15

SVTF Ideal Tire Sizes:
18" - 215/40/18
17" - 215/45/17 (stock)
16" - 205/55/16 (winter tires)

Wheel Torque:
2000-06 95 lb-ft

Wheel Weights:
Standard Focus:
15X6 - Alloy 15.2lbs
16X6 - Alloy 19.1lbs

SVT Focus:
2002-2003 - 5 Spoke 21lbs
2004 - 6 Spoke 20.5lbs
Euro - 15 Spoke 20.3lbs

Common Questions:
1) Will the SVT wheels fit on my regular Focus?
Yes, the SVT wheels will fit all model Focus.

2) What are the largest wheel size I can fit on my Focus?
It's recommended that you shouldn't go any larger than 18", but some 19" will also fit.

3) Will 15" wheels fit on my SVT?
Due to the front brake clearance, its recommended that you stay with 16" wheels or larger.

4) Will putting larger or smaller wheels affect my Speedometer(Odometer)?
The affects are so minimal that it's not noticeable.


Additional Information & Writeups:
1) Tire Trouble & What You Need To Know
2) SVT Winter Tire Reviews
3) Favorite Tire Brands
4) Your Wheel & Tire Store Feedback

Common Tire Size and Wheel Offset Calculators:
Tire Size Calculator
Wheel Offset Calculator

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