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focusonthis420 10-21-2007 08:21 PM

Rear sway bar install problems.. PLEASE HELP!
Alright so i decide to finally install my progress rear sway bar that i bought a month ago. ok, so i unbolted the endlink assemblies on either end then moved on to the U brackets. Right side... nice and easy, both bolts came out fine. On to the left side... bottom bolt came out easily. Moved on the top bolt and wouldnt you know it, the stationary nut or whatever that is welded to the car (that the bolt threads through) snaps free from its weld. Fantastic! So i spent the next hour trying to figure out how to get a wrench or something on that nut so i could unscrew the bolt. After an hour or so and after stripping the hex head of that crappy bolt i finally gave up. Bolted everything back up and left the stock bar on. Only problem now, i have a somewhat loose top bolt holding the left U-bracket. Anyone know of a (easy) way to get to that bolt out?

cayres 10-21-2007 09:32 PM

a cut off wheel or sawzaw

focusonthis420 10-22-2007 08:07 PM

ok ill try a "sawzall" cuz i know i wont be able to get a cut-off wheel in the small space i have to work with

grahama 10-22-2007 08:27 PM

what about using locking pliers to clamp on and remove the crappy bolt?

I did that when my oil drain bolt stripped

stivo 10-22-2007 08:30 PM

use vise grips and liquid wrench if the bolt is frozen. try not to destroy the "nut" in the process, maybe you can get a welder to put it back together for you.

focusonthis420 10-22-2007 10:13 PM

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trust me, with the location of this nut, the only access is from the top. you cant get a wrench or vice grips or anything on this thing. i guess a sawzall is my only choice. the exhaust passes right over the top of it, look at your left sway bar U-bracket and you will know what i am talking about

it looks like the picture i have below. i tried to draw a diagram of it the best i can. the nut sits inside that grey opening and you can only get to it from the top since the lower nut blocks any access from the bottom. they both were stationary nuts, but the one broke free from its welds. now the bolt is backed off out of the nut like 1/4 inch or so

Geezer 10-23-2007 11:30 AM

I'd take it to a muffler shop (if you don't have access to a welder and have that nut welded/tacked back on while its still in the correct location. May prevent a lot of problems later on.

cayres 10-23-2007 11:56 AM

You could do what geezer said but i wouldnt go threw the trouble. Bolts that are welded dont really need to be welded, they do that for ease of removal..look at the rear LCA bolt (The outside one) that is welded, if you go to ford and ask what to do if its broken they sell you nut and bolt combo for like 15 dollars. I would save time and cash and just go to the hardware store and get a nut and bolt, same size and strength grade and put her on. If your worried bout the welded bolt and such get a lock washer, or after you put then new bolt on the just get it tacked. I would agree with everyone else on trying to salvage it but chances are if it broke the weld trying to take it off its prolly seized badly.

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