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stoopidsteve87 10-17-2007 11:12 PM

front sway bar, strut tower brace, stress bars...huh?!
ok, so i just ordered a rear sway bar. no problem. i understand what i'm getting and the point of it. but what about the front? i haven't seen very many front sway bars. i've seen some strut tower braces though. and front stress bars on focussport. what's the difference in all three of these (front sway bar, front stress bar, strut tower braces), because they all seem to me to be about the same? what should i get? what do i NEED to get, considering i've got a roush rear sway bar coming? and what about other stuff on the rear, as in a rear stress bar or whatever else?

sorry, lots of questions there, but any info and suggestions would be helpful on differentiating between the three things i listed on the front end.

steronz 10-18-2007 08:36 AM

In the case of focussport, their front stress bar = a strut tower brace. Their rear stress bar is a rear strut tower brace. The idea is to help eliminate some flex in the chassis. While I can't really argue that there's no benefit to this, I personally consider them to be a waste of money, unless your tires are so sticky that you can actually benefit from reducing a few degrees of tire deflection caused by the unibody flexxing. However, it's a cheap mod that can't really hurt anything (besides adding a little weight), so if you like the looks and you feel that your engine bay is too twisty, go for it.

It's hard to see what you actually NEED, though. Assuming you upgraded the rear sway bar to help solve a problem of understeer, then you need to get some seat time and see if that solved your problem. If your car oversteers now, then you may want to consider a front sway bar as well to balance it out. A lot of it comes down to personal preference, and getting the car to do what you'd like it to do. I wouldn't by any of that stuff (stress bars or sway bars) unless you have a specific problem that you're trying to find a solution for.

stoopidsteve87 10-18-2007 08:44 AM

lol, well for $40 i figured i had nothing to lose :)

cafociguy 10-19-2007 04:43 PM

I picked up a focus central front strut tower brace and Focus Sport rear mainly for looks, (chrome is pretty), but I did notice a little difference with the rear one on my car, not much for the front but they are still on my car, not sure how much they help, but like I said they are pretty... HA HA

You will definitely be able to tell a difference with sway bars, really make the ride different in the car, I like it. less lean in turns.

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