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DJ Sures 10-02-2006 02:03 PM

A video of my new motor

The car... 2002 SVT Focus

Rear view

Side view

Front Angle

Engine being built


Ball bearing big turbo :)


Beautiful Aluminum welds by Mike from Lightspeed

Dash 1

Dash 2

Microsoft Media Center IR Receiver

Rear hatch

Round Two
I choose to turbo charge this new motor to make more power and quiet the exhaust over my last version. Both requirements have passed expectation. Everything you see here in this build is entirely custom and one of a kind. Fitting such a large turbo was a challenge, but as you can see.... I did it :)

Engine Modifications (360 HP)
- Motor originally built 01-28-2004, rebuilt 08-05-2006
- Forge BOV
- 55 lbs/Hr Fuel Injectors
- Garret GT28R-400 HP Ball Bearing Turbo .70 A/R
- Tial 38mm 7.5 PSI Wastegate with divorced outlet
- Custom log style turbo manifold with T25 outlet
- Profec B Boost Controller
- Welded Custom aluminum intercooler piping
- Spearco front mount intercooler mounte and cut into frame (Size: big)
- 66 mm throttle body
- Motor rebuilt with new internals and larger ring gaps for heat expansion
- Fidenza Adjustable Exhuast Cam Gear
- Fidenza Aluminum Fly Wheel
- 3" Custom Turboback Magnaflow exhaust with removed cat
- K&N Air Filter
- Greddy oil catch can
- Stant 180F/82C Thermostat
- Stock clutch
- AZFS22C 1 Step colder sparkplugs
- Removed Air Conditioning to fit turbo
- 76mm MAF
- Relocated IAT by BOV to read compressed air charge
- Many custom flanges, piping and fittings.

Interior Modifications
- Dash (sonic blue)
- Speaker grills (gun metal)
- Vents (sonic blue)
- Gauge Bezel (sonic blue)
- Ash Tray (gun metal)
- Custom diamond plated alimunum floor mats (front and rear)
- Custom fiberglass LCD/sunroof control panel
- Under dash low profile blue neon lighting
- Removed 2/3 of Back Seat replaced with custom sealed subbox and toolbox
- Blue interior LED replacements
- XENON interior lights swap

In Car Entertainment Modifications
- Sony CDX M750 Head Unit mounted in glove box
- Sony 10" Xplode sub in custom 12 litre sealed fiberglass/MDF box
- Custom 12 litre sealed box and toolbox replaces 2/3 of rear seat
- Sony XA-300 Input Controller Hub with USB Port
- Sony BUS connectivity
- Sony XM-502x Sub Amp
- Alpine SPS-5729 Speakers
- Celeron 1.6ghz mini PC (MCE, Bluetooth, 802.11) drawing only 60 Watts
- 3" LCD Screen custom fitted on dashboard
- 3" LCD Screen in custom fixture on ceiling
- Audio fed by USB Digitally to amplifier via Sony XA-300

Suspension Modifications
- Eibach Sportline Springs
- 17" Core Racing gunmetal wheels
- 215/40R17 AS Kumo's

Exterior Modifications
- Billet Fuel Door - gunmetal grey
- Projection Headlights with halo - sonic blue
- Shortened Antenna
- Front Lower Grill - gunmetal grey
- Front Lower Lip - sonic blue
- Front Upper Grill - sonic blue
- Rear Trim - sonic blue
- Rear Lower Grill - gunmetal grey
- Tinted Windows
- Ford Racing Rear Clear Tail Lights - custom coated in black vynl
- Spark plug cover - sonic blue
- Coolant cover - sonic blue
- Wings West Urethane Avenger Side Skirts - sonic blue

Electronics Modifications
- WMS Wideband and Data Logger
- Motormaster 200W digital invertor for PC wired to remote relay
- Greddy Electronic Profect B Boost Controller
- Autometer boost gauge
- Autometer electronic fuel pressure gauge
- Autometer 3 guage A-Pillar pod
- Apexi: turbo timer, air/fuel, voltage
- Relocated Battery in rear w/brass fittings, welded connectors & grounds every 12"
- Custom Tuned with Diablo Predator

SuperFocusMan 10-02-2006 02:07 PM

Love the side markers!!! GREAT WORK AND SOUNDS GREAT TOO!!

You actually got XP Media Center Edition to run on a CELERON?

MARS 10-02-2006 04:35 PM

freakin SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![thumb]

CrazyMatt 10-02-2006 04:54 PM


I need to change my pants!

Ripped_06_ST 10-02-2006 05:03 PM

WOW!!!... Just WOW!!!

zx3bully 10-02-2006 08:16 PM

OMFG!!!! I need a turbo so bad!!!! Love your car. [pray]

Trey 10-03-2006 10:37 AM

whats it run?

EurosilverSVT 10-03-2006 10:44 AM

Thats [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)] sweet dude... some of the things you put on your car kinda inspired me like it a lot... you gonna put up some ET's and HP/TQ soon?

scrammer 10-03-2006 11:24 AM

im sorry, i need a change of shorts.

that is frikkin awesome! btw, 7K in third equals 90mph! it got there pretty damn fast!

magicleo2120 10-03-2006 01:01 PM

hey umm ur speedo doesnt work.... LOL j/k[thumb]

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