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whtezx3 10-18-2011 05:33 PM

Alright I haven't heard from him in a couple of weeks, I've been making payments to him and finally to reach what I think is to be the last payment. I haven't heard from him in a couple of weeks. But He has been very helpful and very quick to respond and don't want to jump to conclusions but this is a lot of money. I also understand things happen and I hope everythings alright, I was just wondering if someone knew him from meets, or anything. Can anyone contact him for me or tell him I need to talk to him on here? Thanks!

whtezx3 10-19-2011 10:20 AM


whtezx3 10-19-2011 05:50 PM

So no help?

drunkyoda 10-19-2011 06:06 PM

he is on the forum quite often i just dont seem him doing something like this.

whtezx3 10-19-2011 06:08 PM

Yea. I didn't think he would. I just wanted to know if someone knew him personally and could tell him im trying to contact him.

NX_Focus 10-19-2011 06:47 PM

have you looked on the sites to see when he last logged on?

whtezx3 10-19-2011 06:50 PM

9/30 I believe. Like I said im not saying im scammed or nothing. Just really need to talk to him about the last payment.

NX_Focus 10-19-2011 06:51 PM

looks like 9-30-11 was his last day on. so something may have happen. not sure your transaction. but do you have full name, cell & or home numbers, house address? this stuff helps with locating people. i guess u got a email for the payment & talking.

whtezx3 10-19-2011 06:54 PM

Yea I paypal the payments. And no I don't have his number. That's why I posted.

NX_Focus 10-19-2011 06:54 PM

not saying your scammed either. but hope a fellow member is ok. if he reply good & on a lot then not. make a person wonder or worry.

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