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HaveBlue83 09-15-2010 06:33 PM

1turbofocus F/I Tune....lots of tuning issues, NOT satisified.
I was told to post a vendor review From 03OrangeSVT Via PM as my sig line jarred some heads.. I have never done this before, so i will try to do it as best as I can.

I started tuning with Tom in Aug 2009. This is not fresh in my mind, so I will recall as best as i can. I have pretty much EVERY email we exhanged. I have IM's from AOL as well. my emails IN cant go back to aug 2009. I forwarded some to my dad and that info is all i really have. [:(]

Before I go throw myself to the dogs and this turns into a complete banter thread, I would like to say that Tom Lesperance is the BEST ford focus tuner in the world. hands down, bar none, he knows more than ford.

EDIT: I'm seeing more and more that since he left SC with the dyno tuning things have gone downhill. Don't know if it's just the remote tuning, but it's not what people said it used to be. I have become aware of all of this during my tuning with him.

HaveBlue83 = RED


My issues with him lie here:

-His inability to properly inform you of what he needs from you as the end user before you start tuning. (IE what PIDS to log, what gear to do pulls in, problems you may have with the Xcal 2-3, Windows systems, and such)

-Very bad layout of emails, information jumbled together. for a newbie, i had to learn "tom's code" AKA how he writes his info. for example in an early email:

"Pleas keep in mind this is a start up file ONLY , load this and log iatectfuel psi drop across inj rpmload stft1maf countssparkspark sourcetps voltage or counts As soon as the car starts start the log , log for about 4 min then send me the log , set J&S sensivity to EXACTLY half way Tom"

What would have been 1000% better and quicker is this, considerin i didnt know what a PID was before this:

Please keep in mind this is a start up file ONLY. Load these PIDS and log at idle from start until you reach 180deg or 4min time:

-iat (intake Air temperature)
-ect (engine coolant temperature)
-fuel press drop across inj
-stft1 (short term fuel trim bank 1)
-maf counts
-spark source
-voltage (or voltage counts)

Set J&S to HALF WAY sensitivity.
(in addition telling me about using uppercase or lower case PIDS)

i did eventually get this from him:

On Aug 23, 2009, at 9:17 PM, wrote:

What I need logged for me

fuel psi drop across inj
maf counds
spark source
tps counts


it was never a set format. with the amount of tunes he does wouldn't it be easier to have a set way of doing it so that it's neat and u can customize it how u need it?


IDLE SURGE ISSUES. OMG, still not fixed. I had issues with the idle surging at cold start and when coming to a stop. Tom told me no biggie, just log the issue when it happens, not the timestamp, and send it to him. I did this multiple times, with no change in the problem. i just gave up eventually. i actually went out and adjusted my throttle body's idle setscrew and fixed the surging when coming to a stop. the cold start idle surging remains and i curse wildly every time. If u want a video i can make one this weekend. It hurts me to hear my car gasping. It leans out to (- - -) on the AEM.

Email i sent to Tom about it:

Name: Brinton Evans

Tune file logged:
SVT B Evens PW 42lb7.cef

did 2 WOT pulls for you. SPARK in caps it the right one.

at Time stamp 201 I came to a stop and the idle started bucking, then levelled out. this is idle surge the issue.

another email:
it did the idle loping at timestamp 30 sec, and timestamp 62 sec. that's what it does while stopped and idling for no reason, as well as when you come to a stop it does it.

Brinton Evans

file logged:
SVT B Evens PW 42lb12.cef

^^^^^^NOTICE, i went from tune file 7-12 with the issue, no change.

here's ANOTHER email about the surging...

here is the datalog for the idle surging.

My Name:
Brinton Evans

Tune I logged from you:
SVT B Evens PW 42lb3.cef

the times it was surging were between:


also, twice when it started to surge at the stop i starting moving and it went away. that is between:


the times are the closest i could read. i did this alone. just to give you and idea. you will def notice it in the logs. bear in mind this is with the clutch in, rolling to a stop. it does it, then after a bit corrects itself.

it does it every time you come to a stop.

my dad noted that the first few tunes you gave us didn't do this. it seems that now it does a lot more leaning out at cold idle and the surging.

here's tune #5. with the surging and the 2 CEL codes i STILL have. its easy shit you can turn off in the SCT software. this is for the IMRC module, which is removed when doing a PWSC.

Brinton Evans
SVT B Evens PW 42lb5.cef

i am popping 2 codes.

P1518, and P1520. IMRC. wierd, as the stock intake manifold is no longer on the car...LOL.

i logged the loopey, almost stalling idle at the end of the log.

spark appears to still be messed up. hope you can use what i have here

YES, its still there. he never turned them off. i asked a few times.

J&S Gauge and what it shows:

-first off, u NEED the gauge. that's ANOTHER $100. Tom didn't tell me i needed the gauge.........yeah.....

he told me i was wrong with what i was seeing on the J&S. i called JOHN at J&S about it. regarding the "no more than 2 lights of lift" that tom told me to watch for. tom must have thought that 2 lights indicated 4deg retard.

NO. it indicates one cyl is retarded 2deg, and another is 4deg.
if the first light comes on it means 2deg retard on 1 cyl. if the 1st and 3rd light come on it means that one cyl is retarded 2deg, and one is retarded 6deg. Each light is a 2 deg incriment. I GOT THAT :)

i called John at J&S and he told me that Tom had it backwards on what the gauge was showing with the retard all and the knock lights. John said i was CORRECT when i explained what i believed to be what the gauge was showing. John said he has explained this to tom MANY times, and to tell tom to call him and he will explain it to him again.....

I let Tom know. he told me to call John back and tell him he's WRONG.....

im NOT gonna call the inventor of a product and tell him what the display shows ISNT what he tell me it shows.

thats all for now. sorry this is so jumbled. i get angry when i type all of this out man. its frustrating


Another thing. I have 2 CEL's. they have been there since i uploaded the FIRST tune file. I have asked that they be removed multiple times, they are still there. they are for an error communicating to the IMRC(intake manifold runner control) module, and the intake manifold itself. I have a CEL for something that isn't even INSTALLED in my car anymore. the PWSC manifold removed this from the car as it replaced the stock intake manifold.

Air/Fuel Ratio incident. <---this was just a disagreence we had. i'm putting this in here because i'm including all the info.

well, i didnt like how tom tunes for 10.8 AFR. i wanted 11.3-7. he told me to sign a waiver to tune the car at 11.7 so when the engine blows up its not his fault. After about a week I agreed and said OK, tune it for 10.8. at WOT i see 10.4-10.0, and its actually around like 9.8 via SCT logs. waaaaaay too rich. I have yet to see a 10.8 steady AFR while tuning on my AEM, which is a good gauge. i did tweak the SCT software via the formula to get the SCT and AEM synced the BEST I could.

I actually had the car STOP pulling at 5K at times, it was sooooo rich. quite frustrating.

here's an email i send about that:

on the last log i started at about 2K in 3rd. i went to WOT, car started pulling and when it started to get about 5K it just kinda lingered at 5-5,250RPM. i lifted as i didn't know why it didn't start pullng like it used to. it should pull hard to redline. i didn't like the way it felt so i lifted. the J&S had NO lights at all during that WOT pull.
i don't know why the car didn't continue to pull. like u said if it feels good go to 6K. i thought it didn't, so i stopped. i did one pull like u said.

i would like the Air fuel at about 11.3 WOT. i do not know what spark/timing/fuel tables should look like AT ALL for that RPM. if you think that 10.3 is perfect for this car then ok. It felt like a ZX3 with a jackson on it....slow.

i attatched the last log for ya.

Brinton Evans

name of the tune i datalogged:
SVT B Evens PW 42lb9.cef

-HE DOES NOT SAVE ANY TUNE FILES HE MAKES. Once he exports the file to the customer, he deletes them. GONE. I had an issue with my #14 tune going bad. it somehow corrupted before i got it. the car went bonkers, knocking if u moved the thing anywhere. i barely got out onto the road with it. HAD Tom saved the #12 file or any of them he could have gone back and restarted from that point.

^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS is what eventually just aggrivated me to NO END, and i just stopped calling, emailing, IMing him because i was done with it. That's where I stand.


HIS time to tune. I told him that i could tune during nights and weekends mainly, as I worked FULL TIME during the day. when i went to tune it was usually him saying he was done for the day, or he had things to do during the weekend that i had open to tune. I WILL ADMIT, i didnt have a lot of time to tune. maybe i messed up here? i dunno. The thing is, when we WERE open for a whole weekend to tune I would get up at 8am and IM him/email him. he wouldnt respond until like 11am. i would get 3 runs in that day. i would be "#3 in line to tune" or some crap. i had to WAIT for him to tune others. WTF. why did i pay $650 if i cant get a decent block of tuning in? It's because he wants to do as many as he can. but doing so many is dangerous as well. I once was sent someones JRSC tune. as in, someone elses name like "MikeJRSC#4" in the email. THANK GOD i saw that. had i loaded that tune who knows what woulda happened! we were doing WOT pulls as far as i remember!

he's the BEST.....but not when hes doing 10 cars at a time. i got "what size turbo are you using?" on AIM. he prolly had 5 open IMs at once. thats not cool. not with my pistons at stake.

I'm not 19 and i dont work at wal-mart. I cant take 3 days off straight to tune from 9-5. i cant do that. i cannot. i will not.


This is my full story. I wish i still had the emails he sent me to better bring this together. i tried my best.

I'm sure since i am blunt with my info and i don't make everything sound nice that this will be locked and and me infracted. I'm used to it by now. I'm NOT doing this to be banned. I try my best to do well for the focus community. I LOVE these lil cars! i'm a hard ass, but i'm honest and trustworthy.

OH, BTW. Tom doesn't DO refunds if u are not satisfied. i asked for $250 back as I only had half a tune. he said NOPE. no refunds.

No money back guarantee here folks!

03OrangeSVT 09-15-2010 06:44 PM

Woohoo first post... JK

I want to step in here just for a moment....

I told haveblue if he wanted to he could post this in here because this falls well within the forum guidelines.

Also Haveblue has expressed to me that he would like to finish the tuning on his car and I'm sure Tom will be willing to do so. It seems to me that there were a few miscommunications and a few things took for granted that problely shouldnt have.

Dont turn this into a flame fest or bashfest.

FWIW... alot of people on here think that everything between me and Tom is all rosey.... but I can assure you there have been several screaming matches between us.

Keep it professional guys.

CMEmach1 09-15-2010 07:11 PM

I would like to verify the info HaveBlue has posted. I worked with him on data logging for the tune adjustments. It was a VERY frustrating process!

AerofurySC 09-15-2010 07:37 PM

Your pretty close, why not take the car to Ray at McNews and dyno-tune it on a single session?

HaveBlue83 09-15-2010 07:57 PM

i have already spent $1,400 there. 2 different times.

6 hours on the dyno first time.

this issue isn't with McNews here. I'm not discussing that in this thread.

SVTRSST 09-21-2010 02:08 AM

thanks for posting, had not seen this thread till today, weird thing is that nobody comments, im about to get my turbo kit going and it would help a lot to read other opinions

voortrek3 09-21-2010 11:18 AM

After reading the post all I can say is OUCH! I hope that a speedy resolution is forthcoming.

HaveBlue83 09-21-2010 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by SVTRSST (Post 3413375)
thanks for posting, had not seen this thread till today, weird thing is that nobody comments, im about to get my turbo kit going and it would help a lot to read other opinions

yeah, AMAZINGLY quiet in this thread after i lay it all out there huh.....

kenzx3 09-21-2010 11:44 AM

Surprised TurboTom hasn't chimed in yet as he's been on......

SYZ 09-21-2010 11:56 AM

You obviously aren't happy with the 9.8 AFR tuning, the power loss at 6K and the rest of the issues; why say he knows more than Ford or that he's the best tuner in the world? It completely contradicts what follows in your post, and I can't tell if you just put up that as a false disclaimer to placate certain people or you are just trying to delude yourself into thinking you didn't completely pick the wrong guy to tune your car.

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