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Kosmic 06-07-2010 08:28 PM

Thank You Tom!
My long-time racing buddy Larry (Caterham 7 on this forum) has been allowing me to race one of his two (everyone should have 2) Caterham 7 road racing cars for the past several SCCA seasons. For those that don't know about these cars, they are Lotus Super 7s with Ford 2 litre ZETECs. They're unbelieveably light and nimble (1250 lbs) and an absolute hoot to drive - basically a formula ford with fenders. I know very little about the ZETEC, but I know that Larry and I have been working with Tom (HPDYNO) to get the most out of this motor within the fairly narrow limits of prep that SCCA allows. The results have been nothing short of amazing.

After a season of getting used to the car last year, Larry and I began working with Tom to tune the ZETEC's ECU in the car I drive - over the internet - and the results have been phenomenal. I've started eight National races this season. Aside from the one crash into the wall at Texas Motor Speedway due to a steering malfunction at the start, I've managed 6 first place finishes and one second. I'm currently leading our Division in National points.

Tom has made himself available to us for many DAYS as we've worked to get Tom the data he needed to tweek my ECU. Some days we went nearly all day (Tom, please thank your wife, again, for us - we are SO appreciative of the time she's allowed you to spend with us). Some days our data logging equipment wasn't working well and Tom labored to work around our poor setups. Nonetheless, Tom was always encouraging us to get back to the track, get him some more data, and allow him to get to where he was satisfied that we were getting everything out of my car. Even today, in spite of working tirelessly to get my car to where it has won me 6 out of 7 races, Tom's not content and continues to encourage us to allow him to work with us to get it all done. Amazing!

As we now prepare for the SCCA National Championships at Road America in September, I must say I'm not ready to leave any horsepower or torque on the table. We're looking forward to continuing our internet tuning relationship with Tom as we finish tuning the car over the next few months.

To anyone who has any doubt about spending the money to let a true pro - and a perfectionist - help you maximize your ZETEC performance, TRUST ME, there is NO BETTER PLACE to spend your money.

Rick Kosdrosky
E Production Car #77
Southwest Division, SCCA

valamer 06-07-2010 09:22 PM

Can't wait to get my tune, hopefully will be doing this in the next month or so.

lloydrage 06-07-2010 09:38 PM

what about for the duratec?

and congrats on the first places

disciplerocks 06-07-2010 10:05 PM

He does Duratec also. And yes he does great work.

focusmaniaczx3 06-08-2010 07:09 AM

yet another satisfied customer from focus-power. i cannot say that im surprised. guy does a hell of a job and will go out of his way to help. thanks for that thing that i pestered the hell out of you for tom. you didnt have to but you did and it has been a tremendous help. thanks!

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