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Yocrew 07-29-2008 01:21 PM

Watch out for this guy on ebay.
So last month I bought a wheel off ebay. The wheel was exactly what the listing specified. So when it came time to do the feedback score I gave him top notch all around except for one nuetral score on the shipping. I didn't think anything was wrong with that. I was being honest. I didn't even say anything bad about it. So now the guy is harrassing me and going overboard. I will post some of the emails so you know the extent. I just want to put out a public notice so noone buys from him.

My rating and comment:
Item was exactly what was explained. Shipped fast. Although shipping was doubled Buyer: jamberino-123 ( 0 ) Jul-25-08 05:54

His email reply to this: Hey a hole, you came to me, I send the item and you give me a negative, Your a jerk. I bet you Focus is a turd.
- forthrightdude

My reply: You don't have to be a jerk off. My feedback wasn't negative. You did over charge a bit on shipping. I wasn't going to lie. Maybe next time you should actually read the feedback. Everything else was fine.

His response: Even neutral feedback affects me. The calculation was done by
zip code. I had nothing to do with price of shipping. I sent you
an item and you dont even talk to me. I can be a jerk all I want, If
you only emailed me first, You would have been explained that I
had nothing to do with it.

My reply: So basically when you don't like the feedback from a customer you give them crap about it. That's a great and mature way to keep people around to buy your stuff. Sorry if my honesty was too much for you to handle. Don't worry I wont buy from you again. And you really don't need to respond. Your fisrt email was more than enough to show your maturity level.

His response: it was USPS issue, not mine. I dont make a cent off shipping. Learn some ebay manners. You might get some feedback.

My reply: Ebay manners? Funny. Your first message was this "Hey a hole, you came to me, I send the item and you give me a negative, Your a jerk. I bet you Focus is a turd".
You are one of two. A kid that knows nothing about his car or a middle aged guy trying to be a kid a again. You have some serious growing to do. So like I said before, don't email me. I gave my feedback. End of story.

His response: Im sorry, Really this has gone further that even I wanted it to go. Next time, communicate with someone before leaving feedback. It
states it right there where you left feedback. I had a bad couple of
days and took it out on you.

Now during all of this the guy started to use my personal email and I will post why. So remember this is thru my personal email now.

His 1st email: I tell it like it is. You a newbe ebay buyer, You should have spoke to me before you give someone bad feedback. Learn some manners and I wouldnt want your business ever again.

My reply: Please don't email me again. You're just making yourself look bad. Basically you're saying you wanted me to tell you what I was gonna post for feedback. You're bent on 1 neutral score. Get over it. Move on.

His response: F@#k off, Turd owner

My reply:Yea, keep emailing. Your ebay rating is gonna get real bad. congrats on not knowing when to stop.

His response:You better watch yourself pal Sent from my iPhone

My reply:Funny, you send this then an apology. Maybe you should've taken your own advice and got some manners. I'm glad I kept my cool. And sorry, but I already reported you to ebay.

His response:I really dont care what you do, They cant do anything. All my flaming emails where to your personal address. You a zero feedback guy and I have spent plenty on them. If something were to happen. YOU WILL BE SORRY. You are a bid dick and I hope you get Cancer.

My reply: It doesn't matter where you sent the email. I have them so that's all that matters. Do yourself a favor and just stop emailing.

His newest reply: Get a life axxhole Sent from my iPhone

So now I am in the process of reporting him to ebay. And every email is untouched. Except for the bad words. After some researching I found out he is also a member on here. Beware of this guy. I am just amazed that someone would get so worked up over a neutral score. Even if it was upsetting to him, his approach could've been so much better.

His ebay tag is: forthrightdude
And this is him on here: SVTDUDE

Mods: If anything needs to be changed please let me know.

ShugarL0 07-29-2008 01:44 PM

yea thats pretty LAME!

I've had some issues with ebay before but mine was more with a company that was blocking my calls..


Yocrew 07-29-2008 02:05 PM

I did report him. They are going to go through my emails. And I asked him several times to just stop.

besthaticouldo 07-29-2008 02:13 PM

that guy is a tool and deserves what hes gonna get. e-bay doesnt mess around

lowzx3on17s 07-29-2008 02:29 PM

what a douche nozzle

silveib 07-29-2008 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by lowzx3on17s (Post 2258165)
what a douche nozzle

that is awsome!

CJohn364 07-29-2008 03:06 PM

Like you said, there's no reason to get wrapped around the axle over a neutral rating. He should have emailed you informing you of the difference in the shipping otherwise he should have eaten the difference because he posted it wrong. If he did list a particular shipping price on the item, that should have been what he charged. The email harrassment just made him look retarded.

Yocrew 07-29-2008 03:15 PM

Not at all. I never give people crap over anything. Iv sold things on here and the shipping ended up being so much more. But that's my fault. I think his big problem is that noone bid on the wheel really but me. He wanted $75 but didn't have reserve. I got the wheel for $43. I like how he admitted his fault in his anger about having a bad couple days. Then turned around and said he hopes I get cancer. Who says that?

JRODSVT 07-29-2008 06:26 PM

yeah I have definatley eaten shipping before.

eliaslincoln 07-30-2008 02:45 AM

people are really cool now days. NOT!

way to keep your cool.

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