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moosehead89 03-07-2008 06:03 PM

I got scammed by zx3frenzy
I didn't know where else to put this, so mods you can move it if you want. I just wanted everyone to know what was going on. I purchased a set of wheels from zx3frenzy and paid him on feb 25th. He stated he'd get the wheels out shortly there after. I have not heard back from him and there haven't been any wheels to show up on my doorstep. I've sent pm's, phone calls, and emails with no response. I am going to take action, but I just wanted everyone to know that he's a scammer.

here is the link to the origanal thread:

akmer 03-11-2008 04:14 AM

sory man, is thing like this that keep people from buying from the forums , hope you get your money back or you get the rims

focus_SWT 03-11-2008 05:16 AM

I realize that he hasnt contacted you, but he was the one that posted "sold" on that thread. A scammer would not have they would have let as many people as possible pay for the product. Somthing must have come up..

I dont know him / her . So I can not say, but that doesnt seem right, Thanks for the heads up.

moosehead89 03-11-2008 09:27 AM

Wheels were paid for on the 25th of Feb, it is now the 11th of march. He lives in Fl, I am in AL. 2 weeks and 0 contact. No response to phone calls, emails or pm's. You tell me...... I also filed a claim w/ paypal on the 6th and he didn't respond to that either.

Svtzx555 03-13-2008 02:22 PM

It does seem weird that he would sell all 4 wheels/tires for only $150. Seems fishy in the first place. Good luck on it though. Maybe paypal can help out though.

alk3civichater 03-13-2008 07:22 PM

I remember looking at his thread cuz thats a killer deal... toooo killer..
dudes last activity was 5 days ago.. good luck getting your money back

moosehead89 03-16-2008 10:08 AM

still no response. I started an paypal claim so we'll see what happens.

CJohn364 03-16-2008 05:47 PM

Dude, I hope you get your money back or get your wheels. I just hate it when people don't keep up their end of the bargain.

Focorec 03-23-2008 11:04 AM

Thats [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]ty! Keep us up to date on your progress.
Good Luck!

David Anderson 03-23-2008 06:58 PM

updates yet?

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