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silveib 10-02-2007 09:38 AM

Mcnews Information
please go to the mcnews forum and look under "custom cams" to see the most rediculous example of bad customer service EVER. this is regarding a set of zetec cams i bought from them. ttrust me it is verrry interesting

nov173 10-02-2007 10:46 AM

i don't see it??

cayres 10-02-2007 10:55 AM

I dont get it..

..:: sleestak ::.. 10-02-2007 11:41 AM

Here's where it all started: Link to Post

Personally, I think you are making this out to be a lil worse than it actually is. Not to bash you or anything, but I have dealt with McNews and they are straight up people. They have been tuning fords for 18yrs and I doubt they made it this far by screwing people over.

They told you up front that the cams you wanted were on backorder and then sold you a set of customs for the same amount because you didnt want to wait. Which IMO is a good deal since there was labor involved. Granted it took them a lil bit to answer all your questions, but geez...the guy isnt sitting there on the computer all day. He is tuning, installing, and building on top of answering everyones posts. Why not pick up the phone instead of asking online? You get answers faster that way.

As far as him not wanting to give you specs....well I can kinda see your beef there, you paid for them. But then again, some tuners dont like their tunes being shared...perhaps he doesnt want the cams specs being shared either. [dunno]

I seriously doubt that they will blow up your car so long as you get the car tuned as planned. Ray wont put your car on the edge of destruction like some people. If they dont fit, send them back. Its that simple. Hope they suit your needs though. I would put faith in I said, 18 years doing fords.

1stTimeFocus00 10-02-2007 01:06 PM

I think if the specs mean that much to you, you should get them. You did buy the product. Its like me going out and buying a car that i know nohting about. Your not gonna wanan buy something that you dont know anything about.

nov173 10-02-2007 01:54 PM

you have to remember.. these guys don't "have" to come on to this site.. they do so to help everyone out along the way.. they are busy as it is with should have just called them up to find out status on things.. if you want ur specs on ur cams... just give them a call rather than have him just let everyone know on the internet.

doing things online can make something more than it is.

viney266 10-03-2007 10:05 AM

Sleestak and nov173....I couldn't say it better so I won't. All I can add is that I Know the guys at Mcnews personally and they are an honest crowd. NO ONE there is out to get you, they are just a BUSY shop. That is a good thing, but sometimes you have to wait a little while.

1turbofocus 10-07-2007 04:20 PM

He gave you every opertunity to choose the cams you wanted and offered you many options

The McNews guys are straight up honest and I dont blame them a bit for not giving out there grinds that is very common in the automotive world


IslandFocus 10-16-2007 03:36 PM

I've had nothing but good experience dealing with them.

viney266 10-16-2007 04:01 PM

^^^ x2.. Same story here.

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