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SVTJerbo 07-06-2006 11:17 AM

Spun a bearing, threw a rod? ouch
It appears my engine is toast, I had my car towed to ford last weekend after i was driving and there was a loud bang accompanied by loss of oil pressure and a nasty knocking/clacking sound. This diagnosis was that i spun a bearing and possibly threw a rod, I have an aftermarket warranty that would cover such things. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time because I change my own oil and because when my car arrived in the shop the oil level was very low(dont worry about the large puddle where i pushed the car to and the large puddle where it was sitting after the tow truck dropped it off... outside the service dept. The tech that inspected it said that lack of oil was the cause, the oil filter had loosened up(last oil change was about 2 months ago) and thats where most of it had leaked from.

Its entirely plausible that 2 months ago i improperly tightened the filter "it was only on by 2 threads" were the techs exact words, which we all know is bullshit, if it was only on that little it wouldnt even stay on and all the oil would have dumped long long ago. Yet my argument that whatever internal part(s) broke accompanied by lots of shaking could have loosened an already slightly loose but still functional filter is completely discredited along with the large puddles of used oil underneath my car at their dealership(after the damage) and the parking lot behind my apt. where i pushed it to(also after the damage)

I park in the same parking spot at work/my apt./girlfriends house and like anyone who does work on their own car or anyone with half a brain i take notice of things like oh i dont know allegedly loosing 3-4 quarts of oil onto the ground to cause all of this.

So now my warranty company is having them tear apart the engine to properly diagnose the cause, its my understanding the bearings should look polished? and if it was lack of oil they would be scratched looking? I don't know enough about internals so I'm hoping you guys could help me out with that bit. I'm already planning for worst case but with the lack of used svt engines i'm not sure how many cost saving methods i can implore..... any ideas?

jaykirs 07-06-2006 11:38 AM

Generally speaking a bearing get's spun due to lack of lubrication. It will seize to the crank journal and spin the bearing in the bearing journal or rod journal, depending on which bearings suffer lubrication loss. It could have been caused by the oil level being too low or by a clogged oil port. If it tossed a rod through the block then yeah, oil is going to leak out of the engine and decrease the oil level making it appear it was low when in fact it could have been ok. It's hard to tell for sure without tearing into it myself. Good luck man, I hope it all works out for you for the better.

EDIT: BTW, did you ever notice the oil pressure being a bit lower or higher than normal prior to the catastrophic event?

Anaxagoras1986 07-06-2006 11:40 AM

Was there a hole in the block? Jaykirs is right.

SVTJerbo 07-06-2006 01:53 PM

There was no hole in the block. It was running sluggishly that day prior to blowing so i was paying extra attention to the gauges etc and the pressure was completely normal both at idle and while driving, and the oil pressure warning light didnt come on until afterwards.

as a sidenote the cost of replacing the engine assy. with labor is $5960 at ford.

pspringe 07-06-2006 01:58 PM

Wow, I was wondering what the price was. I had two done.

I would take lots of pictures of the oil puddles and such.

Anaxagoras1986 07-06-2006 02:16 PM

Two done?

I agree with Phil. You shoudl take some pictures and fight this!

RecoilRob 07-06-2006 06:25 PM

Unfortunately, the stock 'oil pressure' gauge doesn't actually show the running oil pressure. The switch that activates it closes at a few pounds and the gauge will read normal......even if you only have 10lbs of pressure. You might ask the Service Dept why the car has a nearly non-functional gauge if they actually care that the driver has a chance to save the engine in the event of oil loss?

Normal bearings will look dull grey where the crank doesn't actually make contact and a bit shiny where it did. If the bearings are worn, the lead alloy surface (babbit) will be worn away and the copper underlay will be showing. Under the copper is the steel shell and that is what normally welds itself to the crank to grab and spin the bearing.

Good luck with your fight.

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