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jef3fowler 12-18-2003 11:19 AM

Maybe in market for SVT, couple of questions
Hi, although I have never even ridden in ANY Focus I am interested in the SVT. I do have a couple of reservations. Namely traction control and availability of a LSD (Quaife or whatever). I could not find any hard info on whether there is one available although there have been several references to a LSD in these posts.

A few of the road tests (usually 2002 models) mention traction control not fully defeatable, is this fact? Or, only a 'problem' with the cold weather package?

It seems that the Jackson s/c gives a good boost in torque but not vastly improved performance figures. Is this more a problem with comparing 0-60 1/4 times etc or does the traction control stifle the improvements. How does the 50-90 in 4th improve etc.?

Are there any drag racers/autocrossers out there with any info other than removing/bypassing the fuse?

How does the SVT do in autocross (class as std. and modified with s/c and LSD)?

I would assume (always dangerous) that improving the traction with a LSD would prevent the traction control applying brakes and/or retarding ignition therefore improving performance.

Good assumption?

Any feedback?

Also, what changes for 2005.

There was an earlier post where someone suggested 'they' could get $6K discount. I am looking at possibly $5K in SoCal (LA).

I am looking for a 3 door, 6-speed with no other options except HID (not too bothered by that either). I like light. s/c and LSD to follow.

Has anyone seen the SVT in a grey like the Audi TT? Looked very cool.

Any thoughts on suspension to lower without sacrificing what is already there?

Sorry. Got carried away. Any answers appreciated.


Chucko 12-18-2003 04:53 PM

Ford only offers a standard open diff. Quaife makes a Torsen-style diff (technically not a limited slip) which is the hot ticket for a front-driver, but it's $1000 + installation.

I got the base model 5-door SVTF, so I can't answer the traction control questions.

The SVTF does very well in auto-X, even bone stock, at least from everything I've heard. I'll have to try it early next year.

No SVTF in '05. '04 will be the last year for it.

bfocused 12-18-2003 05:44 PM

The issue of traction control has been covered here many, many times. I live in up-State NY and I am glad I have it. Of course I have no intention of racing my SVT or doing any autocross. But, if you do a search with traction control or t/c as a key word you will find many posts.

The only way to dis-able this feature is to remove the fuse.

silver02svtf 12-18-2003 06:58 PM

I believe the traction control is non-defeatable under 20km (accelleration times do not suffer if you learn how to launch the car properly though). The only way to fully eleminate the t/c is to pull the fuse however abs will also be disconnected.

I've seen svtf's run in autocross and they tend to do very well. I've heard the svtf is capable of out slaloming an M3[clap].

Not quite sure about your s/c question, I too am looking into getting one in the future. The JR s/c should be good for an extra 50-60whp so I'm sure the 0-60 and 1/4mile times would improve accordingly (as long as the driver knows what he's doing). Also with regards to your question about an LSD there is a Quaife available for the svt here

All I can say is take one for a test drive, I'll bet you'll end up taking it home.

And btw the car looks great in silver[thumb] .

rayrevolver 12-18-2003 11:04 PM

Power Ford in Valencia, CA will give you $6K off of the MSRP, but they only have a Black 5-door SVT left. The salesman was a friend, but he said anyone could get the deal.

Yeah the traction control is a bummer, although if I would just turn it off when I start the car it wouldn't bother me 90% of the time. I think a switch in the cockpit to turn both the ABS and TC would be nice.

Get the latest "Racecar Engineering" magazine (with a yellow Jordan F-1 car on the cover) as there is an article on suspension setup for front wheel drive racecars. I will end up with some suspension mods, probably the H&R Cup kit or Eibach kit of some sort.

Come out to Willow Springs when you get the car hooked up, it would be fun to see the SVTF pass the WRX's on the straights! I was passed going into Turn 8 by an STI with 4 people on board!!! Doh!

Jonny Bolt 12-19-2003 08:45 AM

The traction control is not going to make that big of a difference. It is active up to 20 MPH even when disabled, but the fraction of a second you might lose is nothing to bitch about.

I personally have no use for it, even living in New England in the snow. Technically, if you know how to drive a standard, you dont need T/C. Just start out in 2nd gear.

The SVTf does VERY well at the Auto-X with a good driver. WIZARD Racing (Buddy), a member of my local SVT club, torches just about all the Cobra's (except one), all the Lightnings, and even someone with a new EVO 8. His car is bone stock except for K&n filter. Have to take into account he has been Auto-X'ing for many years, and also has an ITA Escort GT. Experience pays.

I am selling my SVTf. Email me if you want some info.

jef3fowler 12-19-2003 12:19 PM

Thank you for the reply's but....
I am still having a problem getting this traction control question answered. I looked at the existing posts and many (inluding answers to this post) do not give a definitive answer to this; is traction control part of the package with or without the cold weather package?

If I get a vehicle without the cold weather package will I still get t/c?

Is this a 'chip'/PCM issue and is there any word that removal in modded chips is likely?

As far as drag racing is concerned, if smaller diameter wheels or wicked low profile tires (effectively lowering the gearing) are used does that count as a modded vehicle as opposed to stock? That would compensate for tall first gear.

Thanks again for the responses thus far.


SVT4ME 12-19-2003 12:27 PM

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm almost 100% positive you HAVE to have the Cold Weather Package to get traction control. That package gives you the T/C plus heated seats and an engine block heater. So if the car isn't equipped with the Cold Weather Package, then no traction control. If the question about the chip is referring also to traction control, there is no chip available for that. In fact, there is no chip available at all. Period. For anything. The SVT uses new chipsets that the aftermarket maunfacturers have yet to crack, apparently.

Rockn&Rolln 12-19-2003 01:20 PM

I am in agreement with SVT4ME the traction control is only included in the cold weather package. I am glad I have it living here in the frozen north. I have driven many manual cars and yes you don't need the traction control however it is nice to have. Since my wife is going to be the main driver I feel it will be easier for her to drive. I do plan on doing Auto-X and I just want to see how well I can do. At some point I will move up to a more powerful car and then I will probably be in an AWD.

Jonny Bolt 12-20-2003 10:14 AM

Yes, its only included with the Cold Weather Package.

I still dont know why you are so worried about T/C. It really isnt that big of a deal. Just because you see people complaining about it, doesnt make it worse. You may lose a 1/25th of second with traction control lol. I've never understood why people wasted time bickering about such a miniscule thing.

Anyhow, as far as using smaller diameter wheels to drag race, your only going to go as low as 16 inch wheels on the SVTf, because of the 12" brakes. (11.8" for those that like to be technical).

If you are looking to buy a "drag racer" Fast & The Furious street/strip terror, I suggest you find another option. Because this car is not built for the straight line. Sure, you could mod it out effectively and race up and down the street all day, but your going to spend a pretty penny.

Dont buy an SVTf if you want a "straight-liner".

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