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SVT Performance (2002-2004) The place to chat about any 2.0L SVT DOHC Zetec engine performance, tuning and exhaust related upgrades.

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Old 02-10-2005, 03:56 PM   #11
Focus Addict
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1. Tom's tune,
2. Diablo Predator
3. $515
4. installed today (10 Feb)
5. The install was super simple, from start to finish was about 10 min. First impressions: No more surging!! The powerband is more evenly distributed. This tune makes the entire diveline seem silky smooth, smooth power through all RMP ranges. The 5k DSI 'kick' isnt as noticable. This car runs like it a friggin stallion now. Traction control is FULLY disabled with a poke of the button, like it should have been from the factory. 1st gear launches are much smoother with no bogging and plenty of pull right into 2nd gear. Im smiling again while driving, like when I first bought this car. Only draw back is there is no upload cable included. You will be required to purchase an upload cable to uplaod new tunes into the Predator.
6. Tom is a great guy and will answer any questions you have. He will customize the tune to your liking and will match it with your current mods. The unit was ordered on Friday, and I received it on Wed afternoon.
7. no dyno
2009 Subaru WRX

1999 Jeep Wrangler 4.0

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Old 02-18-2005, 10:16 PM   #12
Focus Enthusiast
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Location: Jackson, MI
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1. Wayne
2. SCT Xcalibrator
3. $345
4. Installed today @ 4:00pm
5. Took about 15 minutes to install...install...not really the right word...just plug it in and 15 minutes later your done. Before hand i took two friends with me in the car and we went to the nearest country road and went from a roll to about 110 mph at WOT and redline in every gear to get an impression on the stock YRFO program. They were already impressed with the acceleration, but after uploading Wayne's program we all had big smiles on our faces. No more bogging, and when you are at 3k and just rolling along, all you have to do it tap the accelerator and you are pushed back in your seat a lot harder than before. My friend summed it up when he said "Dude, you car just went through puberty!! Before it was like a little boy, and now its all grown up!" Also, the exhaust does sound a bit deeper and less raspy. The two best things about it are the fun that is now had by mashing the throttle at 3K and the
increased drivablilty and smoothness. Overall, worth the money!!
6. It took only 4 days to get here from the time i ordered it.
7. No Dyno
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Old 02-19-2005, 10:51 PM   #13
Focus Jr. Enthusiast
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Join Date: Apr 2004
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Location: Rocklin, CA
What I Drive: 03 IR SVTF5

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1. Hypnotic (Wayne)
2. SCT Xcalibrator
3. $345
4. For about 8 hours
5. Install was super easy. First thing I noticed after I turned the car on is my "gurgle pop pop" from my exhaust is gone. Idle was raised to 1k per my request, now my steering wheel doesn't shake from the rear engine mount. RPMs are steady and never dip below 1k anymore. I can cruise in 5th gear at 2.5k with now problem at all now. Here's something I wasn't used to, exiting a turn in 2nd gear and actually accelerating!
6. Wayne is awesome, very quick replies. I ordered my Xcal friday morning, got it saturday morning. (Actually missed the mailman so I drove around the neighborhood hunting for him and got it from him)
7. No dyno
You gon' make me bring this SVT to a real slow creep.
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Old 02-25-2005, 01:25 PM   #14
Focus Rookie
Join Date: Feb 2005
Fan#: 18940
Location: Georgia, USA
What I Drive: SVT Focus, 2004

Posts: 1
FF Reputation: 1 wescb Good Standing Member
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1. Hypnotic (Wayne Foy)
2. SCT Xcalibrator
3. $345
4. A Week
5. My install did not go as well as planned. A bad Xcalibrator led to my car becoming lobotomized. Freaked out a bit, I called Wayne who calmly walked me through a few other things to try (none of which worked). Now keep in mind this was at 11pm on a Friday night, Wayne lives three hours north of me, he offers to drive down right then and check it out.

At 2am, he discovers the bad Xcalibrator, takes it with him back home and brings me a new one the next afternoon, solving all my problems. To summarize, Wayne spent about 12 hours out of an 18 hour period on the road because of a freak problem for which he was in no way responsible, to fix my SVT on a weekend. If that doesn't show how far he'll go to guarantee the tune, I don't know what will.

Now that we've covered the install :-) The tune is great, much better low end power, the improvement is far more than the dyno would lead you to believe (butt dyno excluded). The little problems I had, the surging, the flickering of the odometer, lack of power at certain points during acceleration and the pop in the exhaust note at high RPMs were all solved by the tune. I even experienced an added benefit, I'm getting about 3-4 more miles to the gallon while driving the car much harder than before the tune. Drivability is improved several times over, wish the car had come from the factory like this. I don't have T/C so I cannot say as far as that is concerned.

6. Like everyone else has said, Wayne is crazy good (see above). He went way beyond my expectations to take care of my problem. Highly recommended.

7. No dyno
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Old 02-27-2005, 11:29 AM   #15
Focus Fanatic
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Join Date: Feb 2005
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Location: Royal Oak, Michigan
What I Drive: BMW 335i Coupe, 79 CJ-7

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1. Wayne (Hypnotic Illusions Automotive,
2. SCT
3. $345.00
4. 24 hours
5. Read instructions, hooked up my battery charger, plugged in the tuner, pressed 3 buttons, looked @ the lights to verify it was doing what the instructions said it would be, waited 15 minutes, unplugged the tuner and started the car. It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3. Wayne even goes through the trouble of taking pictures of the SCT lights so we know exactly what pattern he's describing. All in all, getting a paypal account setup to give him the money for the tune was more complicated and time consuming than installing the tune itself.
6. Couldn't be happier, he was available to help me every step of the way, answered all my questions about it in detail, I'm in Michigan and he's in Georgia - ordered the tune on Thursday - had it at my door on Saturday.

After starting the car up I took it for a few runs - first things first the lower idle and lack of bogging made backing out of the driveway a breeze - I no longer have to feather the clutch and break just to keep the car from accelerating to 18mph in reverse down my driveway. Then was the T/C test - hit the button, put both front wheels on snow covered road and popped the clutch at 1500. Nothing but spinning, no brakes, no RPM drops, just good ol fashioned spinning. Next got moving at around 25 across the snow with the T/C killed, slammed on the brakes, and sure enough the ABS kicked in just fine and kept the car from spinning. From here I went to a big corp center's vacant parking lot that had been plowed and was good and dry. The back of the lot has about a .5 mile stetch of even asphalt - wow. Finally, the car performs the way it should perform. 0-100 comes with ease and I cannot WAIT to get the new shifter/engine mount. No bogging, launches that work, acceleration that's smooth and even across the RPM range. Just a great great product.
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Old 02-28-2005, 05:51 PM   #16
Focus Addict
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Wayne's tune

1. Wayne (Hypnotic Illusions Automotive,
2. SCT
3. $345.00
4. 36 hours
5. Instructions are very easy to follow, made sure all lights were off, plugged in the tuner, pressed 3 buttons, waited 10 minutes, unplugged the tuner and started the car. ( one thing, the cable is long enough just roll your window down and start the install from outside your car that way you don't do what i did and trap yourself in the car for 10-15min LOL )

6. Put's a smile back on my face when i drive my SVT now. I drive 100 miles per day round trip to and from work. It's fun again! :)

First impression, WOW acceleration much better!
No more bogging in first when you start out ( hated that )
Over the most i noticed was the TQ seems way better ( had to adjust Clutch/gas/shifting a little to compensate ) no big deal. Wayne was GREAT ordered FRIDAY morning got the tune SAT afternoon!! wanted it overnighted, I got it overnighted WAYNE is great!
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Old 03-11-2005, 05:04 PM   #17
Focus Enthusiast
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Join Date: Aug 2004
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Location: Random Lake Wi
What I Drive: 04 infra red svt # 1345, 06 Jet Bla

Posts: 365
FF Reputation: 1 svt2004 Good Standing Member
Buy-Sell-Trade Rating: (1)
1. Tom at
2. Diablo Predator
3. $520
4. I just installedit today 3-11-05
5. Installing was very easy. The svt is now louder, i drove for about twenty minutes. It's snowing so I can't drive to hard, but it noticably faster. The power curve feels alot smoother and more useable. The Traction control is gone the wonderful wisconsin weather proved that. I can't wait for better weather so proper testing can be done.
6. Tom was very cool, he answer all my questions quickly. I got the predator in about a week.
7. No dyno
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Old 03-17-2005, 10:00 PM   #18
Focus Fanatic
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Join Date: Aug 2004
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Location: Columbus, OH
What I Drive: 1991 BMW 318is

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Buy-Sell-Trade Rating: (17)
1. Wayne (Hypnotic Illusions Automotive,
2. SCT
3. $345.00
4. 1 day as of right now
5. After my own screw up, forgetting to put the 2 fuses back in, and the then the car not starting and me freaking out. Then realizing it was just the 2 fuses, i went back and redid everything, took about 15 min after the screw up. The first thing i noticed backing out of my driveway up hill, is the car doesnt bog down like it used to, then i take it down the road and notice a BIG difference, way more low end grunt than before, maybe it was just me but my intake seems louder, feels way more responsive than before. I noticed a alittle difference w/ the dsi opening at 5K rpms, not to much tho, then when i shifted from 1st to 2nd, it felt like it pulled way harder than before, and then the same with all the other gears.... this def the best bang for buck deal out there
6. Wayne is one of the easiest and friendliest people to deal with, stands behind his product 110%. Shipping was very fast aswell, ordered sat, got it wednesday, and im in ohio. Overall i am VERY please with it.
7. no dyno
02 Jackson Racing supercharged SVT

Current:1991 BMW 318is: Bilstein sports, H&R springs, TMS chip, UUC short shifter, dyna-max muffler
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Old 03-29-2005, 12:44 AM   #19
Focus Enthusiast
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What I Drive: 2012 Titanium Sterling Gray

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Buy-Sell-Trade Rating: (1)
SCT Hypnotic WAYNESWORLD..that's
$345 american
A couple o'months
I ditto all that love the new response. No sputter/cough/wheeze/stumble..just push you in the seat like never before. I can more than"chirp" in 1st and 2nd..even got some in 3rd..but that's not what I was looking for...but a serendippity none the less. The exhaust growls now..not that it was's...matured, without being too loud or offensive. The neighbor woman(in her late 20's I guess) came over with her b-friend and asked.."what kind of car is that? A FOCUS?!!! It sounds so gooood!" Gee, thanks. From someone that drives a Highlander!
You can take corners a little differently now, or should I say..coming OUT of corners..pulling power is there! A few of us our going on a 10-12 hour rally through parts unknown in eastern AZ in two weeks, lots o'twisties and straights and cliffs and...well, I can't wait to see how things go.
Wayne is a gentleman, scholar, world traveller, has a warped sense of humor(takes 1 2 know 1), and will get back to you with that girls phone num...wait..with the answer to the question you had asked asap! He also bought an SVT to play with and become even more knowledgeble for future reference. Once I figured out paypal, I received in 3 days..install is a matter of 10 minutes..just like all have said. He'll send updates for free for 6 months..haven't yet asked him about that...YET!
On 6-30-04 I had my car dynoed at Locash Racing in Phoenix. ( Joe, the owner, had a bit of a problem getting rid of some electronic interference when doing the pulls on my svt. The best pull(drop in k&n) showed hp at 145.55 and torque at 133.84..but it had SPIKED to 133...just before the spike all pulls were around 128. Not too seemed most stock svt's were around that.
On Saturday,3-26-05, I returned with a few Focus Friends. Upon hooking everything up, Joe experienced the same electronic problems. The 1st pull showed 152 hp and torque spiking to 151! Two more pulls did the same thing(within 10ths of each other). He made a few more adjustments and on the next 3 pulls, all were consistant. Hp now is a steady 153.91 and torque is 137.06! 8.5 increase in hp and torque! NOT BAD...he likes it..HEY Mikey!
Now..another svt did a run with a pipercross hooked up and ran 148.29hp and 133.42tq. When he unhooked the intake his numbers were 141.13 hp and 127.56tq! NO tune..just stock except for the the intake and 3 engine mounts. I think I can match or at least come close to revamp with an intake. I know my friend wants to get the SCT from Wayne...he drove my car and could feel the difference.
If/when I do another'll be the 1st to know.
Overall rating..10!
" me in the corner..."
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Old 03-31-2005, 06:43 PM   #20
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1) Tom at
2) Diablo Predator
3) $350 (slightly used)
4) 3 days
5) Purchased tuner from a former SVT owner who traded up to an RX-8. Very helpfull and honest person that gave me a great deal. Install took about 10 minutes with Tom on cell phone walking me thru the install. Tom was very helpfull and knowledgable. Tom also provided me with a new tune (for a small fee) thru email to go with all the mods currently installed on my SVT. As far as driving impressions go it seems as if the DSI kicks in at 3K instead of 5K. Car pulls harder than before and is pretty much a different car. As far as sounds go, I was expecting the car to sound different from all the input that has been shared BUT maybe with the ORP my SVT has installed I can't notice. Highway driving is also improved as far as pulling power is concerned, step on the gas and it moves without hesitation. I am pleased with the outcome and will DYNO my car in the near future as well as put in some track time to see if the results will show on the track as well.
6) Tom is very helpfull,friendly and is there for his customers. He returned my call on a Saturday morning and walked me thru the install without hesitation. He sent me a new tune within hours of our conversation thru email TRUSTING in me to send him the payment on Monday .
7) Dyno will be posted as soon as it occurs.

L8R Joe
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