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extreme02focus 01-10-2013 02:55 PM

Need help with exhaust!!! need ideas info im lost!
I have a 2002 Ford Focus SVT and im looking to upgrade the exhaust and the car is stock but im looking at a megan racing exhaust m-spec 2 but im not sure about wanting a big fart can exhaust but i want a deep nice loud sound but not sure if i should just replace the muffler or what i need help and ideas so please fell free to comment and place your opinion btw [loveff]

sam fisher 01-10-2013 02:58 PM

Check out fswerks , or trubendz. But personally i like fswerks better . They both have great setups

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extreme02focus 01-10-2013 04:45 PM


Dads03SVT 01-10-2013 04:51 PM

For cheap and good sound i first did the ORP & deleted the box at the tip & added a 4 inch tip, sounded real good.

But since then i added Magnaflow and dual's..

jwill2489 01-10-2013 07:07 PM

DO NOT GET TRUBENDZ. i bought one as my first exhaust. it fit like crap, and stuck out way to far.

The best thing to do would to be get a FSWerks Stealth with stock cat. if you want more sound, get a HFC.

I currently have an ORP. It has been LOUD with the 3 different exhausts I have had. and really raspy. I have HFC on the way. I should have gone with the HFC to begin with.

There are youtube videos of the stealth on an svt with stock cat and it sounds good.

Friend got it as well, very good quality and sounds awesome!

swansong 01-10-2013 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by extreme02focus (Post 4534277)
i want a deep nice loud sound

Borla has the sound you're looking for. I have the real Borla kit (non Trubenz) with the resonator, muffler, and tip. The fit was perfect and I love the sound. I might go HFC later to get it a bit louder.

jwill2489 01-10-2013 07:33 PM

do not buy trubendz borla. it is no where near the same sounds as the real Borla. So unless you can find a ford borla. go with FSWerks for the best sound.

extreme02focus 01-10-2013 07:52 PM

Okay thanks everyone think im going to go with the FSworks

sleepyboy 01-10-2013 08:08 PM

The "real" Borla was the best sounding exhaust I've ever heard on a focus.

As for Trubendz some have had great fitment and others not. It also depends on the what it's going on, the sedan exhaust is a little longer than the hatchbacks exhaust.

FLYLOW 01-11-2013 10:43 AM

100% happy with my trubendz... If you know how to install it right it will fit perfect.

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