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blendededge 12-21-2012 10:56 PM

Need help identifying problem with engine.
Greetings fellow fanatics,

I hope you guys will be able to shed some light on a problem with my SVT. Car was running fine, then the next morning it wouldn't start. It would crank and felt like it was going to start but didn't. Was not a battery issue, got a brand new one a few months back. Then I had a "great" idea, I started to turn the ignition to see it the fuel pump was priming, I couldn't hear it as loud as usual. I must have turned the key maybe 10 times, then I decided to try to turn on the car. BOOOOOM!!!!! I almost crapped my pants and smoke everywhere!!

The intake manifold blew up. I guess that answered my question about the fuel pump:( $900 bucks later, intake manifold was replaced. Car starts now, but is running hot! After a few minutes idling the exhaust heads start to glow a little red. There was no code thrown by the computer and the mechanic checked the timing and confirmed it was correct. I think he mentioned compression was low across all cylinders, but i don't have the exact info on that yet. Will get this info tomorrow...

He doesn't seem to know what the problem could be. Tomorrow I'll be going to the shop so I'd like to give the mechanic some of your theories on this. I appreciate any help.

Was running Tom's tune, but switched back to factory after the explosion. No mods other than hi flow cat and 67mm throtle body from cfm.

1turbofocus 12-21-2012 11:44 PM

I will be glad to help if you can send me about a 8-10 min idle log with starting the log then the car
My guess is a Vac leak and a datalog would confirm this , about the only other thing that would make the headers glow is timing retarded from the cams or VCT

I wouldnt guess I would do a datalog and see whats happening


blendededge 12-22-2012 12:01 AM

Thanks for the quick reply Tom. I will definitely do a data log with the Predator and send it to you. I am happy you can help.

blendededge 12-22-2012 04:24 PM

I got the car back from the shop. Seems to be working alright maybe with slightly more vibrations when accelerating. Did not notice the headers getting red hot. Temperature on the dash reads normal as well, however i did find some trouble codes not indicated by the check engine light.

Codes are:
P1131 Lack of HO2S11 Switch - Lean
P1132 Lack of HO2S11 Switch - Rich

Anybody know what it means? Thanks s lot! Will send the data log over to your email Tom. Hopefully you'll be able to make some sense of it.[thumb]

1turbofocus 12-22-2012 04:36 PM

Could mean anything , shoot me a datalog , do the log after you clear the batt for 5 min then start the log then start the car


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